The NoGi Positional & Strategic Mastery Series:

"Developing Devastating No Gi Attacks From
Cross Side aka
Side Control"


The REAL Reason Why UFC Champ Islam Makhachev &
"The Second Best Grappler In The World", Craig Jones Say Side Control aka Cross Side Top
Is A BAD Position & Even Most Black Belts Suck From Top Cross Side/Side Control...

Craig "The 2nd Best Grappler In The World" Jones:
"...Side control top is a bad position"
Islam Makachev (Dagestani Wrestler & UFC Lightweight Champ):
"We have to cancel the remaining Black Belts... they make Jiu Jitsu look bad"
They aren't wrong
There's a reason they're not wrong.
Today cross side/side control top IS a BAD position
Because most jiu jitsu athletes use their arms to control position.

If you find yourself getting to side control and NOT finishing...
Guess what?
When you use your arms to control position...
What will you use to ATTACK & FINISH with?
A smart & skilled bottom opponent will WAIT for you to surrender control when you release your hand/s to attack.
But there IS a way to control top cross side/side control WITHOUT your hands.
There IS a way to completely NULLIFY ALL of your opponents escape attempts
How you ask?
Positional Dominance
Handless Control
Systematic Attacks
Multi-Angle Threats
And that's exactly what I'm teaching in this brand new NoGi Series on Positional & Strategic Mastery.

"Developing Devastating Attacks From Cross Side / Side Control" shows you point by point, step by step EXACTLY how to do it.

And MASTER it in just a short time

You don't need your hands for control in cross side / side control top?
If you dominate control of the position AND attack simultaneously
your opponent has ZERO time to "wait and escape".
Instead they have just ONE thought
"how can I make this stop, I can't breathe and I can't move and I don't think I can hold off these attacks much longer"
THAT is what the first installment of this new NoGi Instructional series is all about...
If you want to FINISH nearly 100% of the time (let's be honest, some of your senior training partners LET you get top position ;-) so you won't be catching them.... OR WILL YOU? ;-)
If you want to FINISH nearly 100% of the time in the training room AND in competition when you pass and get to cross side/side control...
THIS systematic training course is for YOU!

I personally guarantee this system is NOT like ANYTHING you will find online or in hardly ANY schools being taught right now.

But it WILL give you a NOTABLE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE your training partners and your instructor WILL notice.
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