You're getting something 8,086,353,204 (8 BILLION+) other people do not have.


They will never have it.


But I'm sending this to you because it's something you will both love and use every day you train.


This is how to control EVERY opponent, easily, from the mount. In NO-GI, GI, the STREET, EVERYWHERE.




Q: Do You Make These No-Gi Mistakes From Mount?
A: Yes!  Yes you do.


It’s been a long minute since I did any No-Gi specific teaching. The reason is simple.  My Jiu Jitsu is not dependent upon what we’re wearing.  And yours shouldn’t be either.

The Mount.

In my “Total No-Gi Mount Domination Masterclass - Special ADCC Edition”  you get EVERYTHING you need for complete and total control of your opponent and the ability to finish EVERY TIME.

Even at the highest levels I see competitors abandoning mount simply because they are unable to control the position.  If you’re leaving the mount for ANYTHING other than finishing a submission
your game is radically deficient.

To Become The Ultimate Mount Control FREAK & FINISHER…. 

Here’s Exactly What You Want…  

17 Modules Of Mount Control With Finishing Details Virtually NOBODY Is Telling You About… Here’s Just A Taste Of What To Expect…

==> How to use your LEGS to CONTROL position so your ARMS are completely free to ATTACK

==> The Hidden Jiu Jitsu way to set up and demoralize your opponents with the gift wrap

==> The 2 Most Efficient & Effective Options for taking the back from the mount with ZERO risk of escape

==> One ridiculously simple trick to get UNDER the chin to easily secure the RNC as you transition from mount control to back attack (it's NOT what you think) (aka the eyebrow, choke ;-)

==> How to STRING ATTACKS TOGETHER from mount so there’s little to no attempt for escape and your opponent feels completely helpless

For years I’ve been talking about the importance of being able to control, dominate AND finish from mount
and for just as many years I’ve been asked over and over for  a dedicated NO-GI Mount Domination Course…

Welp, here you go.