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The Attack Of The Turtles VIP Course


Truth BOMB: Turtle BOTTOM
Is A

"Become SAVAGELY DANGEROUS From What SHOULD Be Your Highest Percentage ATTACKING, FINISHING & REVERSAL Position...
Finally, A Real-World, Coached Systematic Approach To 
SHOCKING & SURPRISING every opponent from the most dangerous & OFFENSIVE position almost nobody uses correctly... BOTTOM TURTLE 

(Instead of resting or defending in bottom turtle you should be
PUNISHING your opponents for
letting you get to this HIGHLY OFFENSIVE position.
Turtle is NOT a Defensive or Rest position
it's a place rife with opportunity for you to be

This is NOT "An Instructional"
This is NOT "A Seminar"
This is NOT "A Webinar"
Its how we should have been
learning Jiu Jitsu all along...

Never Rest & Be A Target On Bottom Again...


What Students Said About My first LIVE coached virtual courses UNchokeable & UNpinnable... 


"This is one of the best jiu jitsu learning experiences I've ever had. I love being coached by you, but when you said this course would be different because "live training is a distraction", even I was skeptical. But you were 100% right, doing this virtually with you and THEN taking that to the matand THEN coming back with my questions and THEN reviewing the video breakdowns made me learn so much FASTER... And to think it all took place without being on the mat or even in the same room together is just mindblowing.  Thank You!  - Mike M.

"I'm NOT getting choked & my training parters are all commenting how good my defense has become so fast." - Paul

"Having the access & ability to do this live Q/A, after seeing the videos, practicing what was taught. It all really helped me see what I was doing wrong with my head position when I was trying to escape the choke. It improved things so much" -Julius 

I liked analyzing the techniques WITH you so that we could ask our questions in real time specific to the tiny details occurrence.  This ensured your answer heard not only our words, but  our context and tone which supported a better response by you.  -Eric

The best part was having people run into different problems and then have them broken down and solved (LIVE).
Also with the higher belts the adapting and evolving of the problems/situations helped tremendously
cause better training partners would eventually start trying new things to deal with what you're doing. -Theo


Dear Friend,    

You missed the original LIVE Attack Of The Turtles Challenge. 

But I've made the entire Attack Of The Turtles Challenge into a full blown course for YOU! 

You get access to the ENTIRE challenge and ALL its components so YOU TOO can become DOMINANT and DANGEROUS from the world's most underrated, unknown, power position. 

     Here's how this all happened... and what you get...

Not too long ago a buddy of mine said something to me that made me think...

"Henry, do you realize the ONLY thing that makes your Jiu Jitsu different is just TWO THINGS?
1. you see the TINIEST DETAIL in every position & transition ("THE MICRO")
2. and BEFORE that tiniest detail unfolds, you KNOW what comes NEXT 
To the uninitiated it looks like  a. you're a fortune teller who can see 10 seconds into the future or
b. you simply know something the rest of us don't

He also said,

"Most people never get good enough to let you teach them the MICRO.  While most people who get to side control are paying attention to 'controlling the position' you've already escaped and taken the top position. If you really want to make the INVISIBLE... VISIBLE for people they need you to go DEEP without the distraction of training"

     Now if you know me at all... I have an eclectic collection of friends who in many cases can ONLY be referred to as "odd".  So hearing strange, weird, sometimes even ridiculous things is just part of the fun. I heard him say this and literally asked myself "Did he just say "without the distraction of training?" WTH?  When did the entire point of my life "training" become a "distraction"?  I apparently was not sent this memo. I couldn't decide if I should laugh or slap him.  It was something he just said off-handed in the middle of a conversation about "getting good, FAST".  So I let it ride and for whatever reason it just stuck in my head. 

     For weeks, I just kept looping back to "If you really want to make the INVISIBLE... VISIBLE for people they need you to go DEEP without the distraction of training"   We even talked about how when people take my seminars and have so many eye-opening, "a-ha", mindblowing moments... they still don't realize that there's an entire level of implementation & execution that because of time, attention & skill levels, etc... I haven't even scratched the surface on them.   

aka Why is "mediocre" Jiu Jitsu the overwhelming norm?

     One BIG reason people don't get good fast is, in every scenario they have 87 possible things to remember, moves, techniques, escapes, etc... (aka "Frankenstein Jiu Jitsu - a bunch of disconnected, disjointed, unintegrated 'things' all bolted together & wrapped with duct tape")  If you train "situationally" with variable intensity (which I prefer for faster learning) vs "just rolling" you quickly reduce those possible variables..... but often times the number of variables tumbling and rolling around in your head is still at least 10-20 (and that's if you're lucky or good;-). 

     Now imagine if everything turned BINARY.  A or B.  This or That.  Would that simplify things?  Opponent passes your guard, starts to flatten you and immediately you go "MICRO MODE" and just escape and take top position while your opponent is still thinking about under hooks, grips, foot work, weight distribution, right hand here, left hand there, etc... Would that speed up your response time regardless of athleticism, speed or coordination?  Would that make it easy to beat your opponent to the punch?  He's got 87 variables in his head to complete the pass and flatten you while you have just A or B to escape and get on top. 

     When people see me effortlessly escape cross-side/side-control from a totally flat on my back dead stop that's what they're seeing.  "MICRO MODE".  When people see me sweep with no hands.  When people see me escape the rear naked choke with no hands. That's what they're seeing... "MICRO MODE".  I know what my opponent is going to do before he does it. It's not because I have some special talent or can see the future. Its because I am seeing the position/transition as binary.  A or B.  While he's thinking grips, foot position, weight distribution, etc... I'm thinking A or B......... and before he knows it he's not advancing to mount or submitting me, he's swept and I'm on top. MICRO MODE.

     It's not that you don't need to know the technical side of things.  You damn well do.  But if you have a great instructor and training environment you're already learning that, yet you still struggle to apply what you know QUICKLY and without a bunch of disconnected thoughts that slow your progression and success to a crawl... even if your moves take ONE extra second (even against an opponent with just "mediocre" Jiu Jitsu... that ONE second = SUFFERING/A DISADVANTAGE and if it's in competition it could mean... SHOW'S OVER FOLKS.  If you KNOW the MICRO, you essentially can see the future and instead of giving that second to your opponent you TAKE IT AWAY, escape & get on top or get to your feet. THAT is what knowing the MICRO does for you.  And after EXTREMELY careful consideration, even after all these years with this ol' black belt 'o mine... I learned something new.

"If you really want to make the INVISIBLE... VISIBLE for people they need you to go DEEP without the distraction of training"

     The more I thought about it the more I realized that every discipline has STUDY intertwined with DOING.  I've always been a DOING kind of guy.  Studying can be BORING.  And heck, who's got time for studying.  Just making time for getting on the mat is hard enough.  And even with studying, you still can't be good at anything without actually putting what you've learned, to the test under live fire. But here's the thing.  Knowing the MICRO gives you the BIGGEST BANG for your invested time.  Its the bridge between studying and doing.

     Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying ANY of this to minimize the importance of technique or training time.  Some yahoo will run to his Tweeter today and post "Henry Akins says you never have to train only go to his webinars"... I know who you are.  Stop it. My ONLY goal is to help your progress in Jiu Jitsu go as FAST as possible. 

     I want to EXPOSE what you can't see.  The things the truly dominant people in BJJ ACTUALLY do.  Why was Rickson so hard to beat? Why can't the best guy in the world escape Roger's cross collar choke.  Why is Gordon so dominant.  Yes they have ALL the athleticism, tools, skills, mindset, coaching, training, etc... but one thing they all share that is accessible to YOU and EVERY single person regardless of genetics, training partners, coaching, etc... is they KNOW the MICRO.  On the rare occasion they have their guard passed, they not only know exactly what they want to do, they know exactly what their opponent is going to do.  IF they get put in side control/cross side they don't get STUCK there. Ever.

     For 99% of people doing Jiu Jitsu the MICRO is completely ignored.  Its hard enough to learn Jiu Jitsu as it is.  So the MICRO is seen as "too small" or "too complicated".   Its actually THE OPPOSITE.  The MICRO is the little hinge that swings the GIANT door.  Its the technological difference between a computer from 1974 that's as big as a city block and the microchip in the phone you have in your hand or pocket that has 100x more computing power.  The reason why the Jiu Jitsu community is LITTERED with "mediocre" Jiu Jitsu everywhere is because the MICRO is almost universally ignored in favor of "more important" yet "less effective means of learning"

This Attack Of The Turtles Course is all about getting good, really fast at ONE thing.  THE MICRO.  The micro of turtle being your new secret offensive weapon.  BECOMING secretly VICIOUS from a postion your opponent feels SAFE in. KNOWING what your opponent is going to do... BEFORE he does it.  This is how you become DANGEROUS.  And ultimately if you are CERTAIN you not only can't be submitted from turtle, but in fact have a huge offensive advantage, guess what?  Your OFFENSE becomes SUPERCHARGED without learning a single new technique.  And this is why I made my third 60 Day Challenge series "Attack Of The Turtles".  By the end of this course you'll simply have an automatic, deadly weapon that nobody knows about until it's too late. It's like a snapping turtle getting someone to stick their hand it's mouth, without them ever suspecting anything. It's real life magic, trickery, and deception... All leading to insanely high rates of submitting your opponent.

    Inside this course I walk you through as I coach each student in the tiniest details of escaping side control / cross side effortlessly every time AND I'll show you what comes NEXT... BEFORE it happens.  If you want to be UNSTOPPABLE in this secret LANDMINE of a position... and BECOME THE SNAPPING TURTLE of your gym,  this course is for YOU!  

    Why did he say "without the distraction of training"? Because in training, we're almost always trying to learn with an elevated heart rate, elevated respiratory rate.  If its a seminar its often a bit more low key but there are a ton of people, a ton of stimulation, we're often times under fed, etc....  This Course will be probably your ONLY opportunity to learn the HIDDEN skills and concepts that allow you to become DANGEROUS with ZERO stress or distraction.  

     And in between the now recorded virtual coaching 
sessions on Zoom... you'll have the same ASSIGNMENTS the live students had.  Specific video footage to watch.  Specific coaching assignments to apply during your normal training sessions. And the fact that other members of our HJJ community participated before you... you'll not only get to benefit from your own assignments and observations.  You'll get to benefit from their reports of their experiences as well.

For YEARS My Students Have Been BEGGING Me For More Direct Access, Direct Coaching, Direct Questions & Answers... This Is The Answer To Everything They've Been Asking For  

     Frankly, this is the most ambitious and exciting project I've ever created.  The feed back from my all of my Live Taught Challenge Courses - UnChokeable, UnPinnable, AND now "Attack Of The Turtles" has been phenomenal. And I expect you to have the very best learning experience you've ever had in Jiu Jitsu and the FASTEST speed of progress you've ever experienced.  Buckle Up... things are about to get REALLY exciting.  You know that training partner who ALWAYS is getting the better of you? You remember that last competitive loss that you wish you had back?  Yeah... MICRO fixes that. 

     Instead of the one way direction of a video instructional course.  You'll see coaching LIVE from ME in the recorded virtual zoom coaching sessions.  And then layered on top of that will be your assignments that you complete in training in between sessions.  Instead of your learning being isolated to watching a video or just on the mat.  My "Attack Of The Turtles" VIP Course is the key that UNLOCKS the connection between learning, training and finally being able to "put it all together" on the map.  It is truly the ultimate mastery and progression process and I cannot wait to begin the process with you.

The Attack Of The Turtles VIP Course
What You Get...

     "Attack Of The Turtles" was the most recently completed 42 Day Challenge of many future "Challenges" to come.  I will ultimately create ongoing training around every position & transition in Jiu Jitsu.  A TRUE process designed for YOU to achieve the kind of mastery few have the opportunity to attain.  One aspect of creating this 42 Day Challenge was I wanted EVERYONE to be able to participate at whatever level of engagement they could afford both from a time commitment and financial commitment so in light of that, there are 3 different levels you can enroll in... 

Your belt rank does not matter...
I guarantee you'll spend a LOT more time EATING UP OPPONENTS when you get to turtle position instead of resting or panicking.
No matter your experience or skill level

  • You get¬†ALL¬†SEVEN¬†Attack Of The Turtles (AOTT)¬†Coaching Sessions Recorded LIVE¬†(Each Session is at least 1Hr or more)
  • You get¬†OVER 45 Video Modules¬†Discussed During ALL Seven¬†Attack Of The Turtles Coaching Sessions
  • You get¬†FULL access to every single question asked, tip given, breakdown done¬†across ALL¬†SEVEN¬†Attack Of The Turtles (AOTT)¬†Coaching Sessions
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     I expect this to become the NEW standard in how Jiu Jitsu is taught.  Yes its fun to just show up week after week on the mats and train with your friends but quite frankly in the absence of seeing and UNDERSTANDING the MICRO aspects of Jiu Jitsu we're just getting in our own way.   Its also NOT fun to NOT feel like you're making SUBSTANTIAL progress even though you're putting in time on the mats.  Especially for more experienced belts where the ceiling of improvement hits hard for many... that can take the art you love so much and turn it into drudgery. If we look at how Jiu Jitsu is currently taught and has been taught we see more mediocre Jiu Jitsu than ever before.  I've made it my PERSONAL MISSION to FIX THIS.

     Learning the most critical details and concepts, throwing away the rest that's unnecessary.  Going and IMPLEMENTING what we learned.  Reporting back.  Getting Coached.  Rinse, Repeat.  THIS is how you will achieve mastery in Jiu Jitsu no matter what belt level you currently are.  No matter where you live. No matter who your instructor is.  No matter where you train.  No matter what your ultimate goals.  

     2020 and COVID was miserable, but one thing GREAT that came out of it was the realization that we could actually LEARN & DEVELOP FASTER by adding an aspect of our training that wasn't mat time.   Don't get me wrong... there is ZERO substitute for spending MOST of your time ON the mat.  But "little hinges" DO swing BIG doors.  I hope you're READY for THE single FASTEST amount of improvement you've ever experienced.  I know for sure... your training partners and your next competition competitors aren't.


Henry Akins

P.S. - I started my Challenge series of courses based on the almost non-stop requests I get for more intimate coaching, video reviews, technique reviews, etc... And both enrollment and the post course feedback has been even beyond what I ever expected.  I don't have a hard limit on how many folks I'll let purchase AOTT but I do know that this is no typical instructional and it's a CRAZY GOOD DEAL at this price. At the end of the weekend the price will go up and I'll have my guys close down this page.  So if you're even a LITTLE curious about being part of this history making and radical Jiu Jitsu improving experience... Or even if you just want to be a SAVAGE from turtle... I strongly encourage you to make your purchase and get INSTANT ACCESS right now so you're not left out.  I want you to get the best price possible that's why I'm sending you this page before everyone else.

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