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Becoming Invincible...


After:  How about I pass your guard or break your neck instead of taking this nap?

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Using My Counter Intuitive System 
For Escaping Practically Every Submission From Every Position... 
Mount, Cross Side, Chokes, Arm & Shoulder Locks...

Everything about Jiu Jitsu becomes incredibly EASY
when you know you can't be submitted and
you don't have to force your offense 

While At The Same Time Demoralizing Your Opponents & Then Punishing Them For Every Single Submission They Attempt 

“Nullifying & Escaping Becomes So Easy, 
It Actually Becomes A Weapon To
Mentally Break Your Opponents & Ultimately Set Up Your Offense To
Be Imposed Effortlessly With Minimal Resistance”
- Mike M.

What is the Becoming Invincible Course?

This course is a counter intuitive approach to WINNING in Jiu Jitsu by having the ability to consistently escape every submission & position.  This is what "Becoming Invincible" is all about. It was born of what I learned from Rickson. Who was literally unsubmittable.  If I can't submit you, the odds of me getting tired, making a mistake, you submitting me go through the roof.  This course was taught over 4 days in Las Vegas and is over 100 videos in total.  In this day and age we throw around the word "game changing" with far too much ease.  But if ever there was a single course that would radically "change the game"... "change YOUR game"... then This. Is. It.


Becoming Invincible is a Shortcut

After spending most of my adult life learning from the master of "invincible" himself and traveling around the world training, teaching and befriending so many world class jiu jitsu athletes of every size, shape & skill level, it's become crystal clear that the challenges the overwhelming majority of people face when it comes to imposing their OFFENSE is because they are AFRAID.  Afraid to really cut loose. Afraid of the TRUTH.  The truth that they are at SERIOUS RISK of being submitted by almost all of their opponents.

I’ve seen a growing and disturbing trend of high level jiu jitsu students who while very skilled, they can't finish or at least don't finish anywhere NEAR as often as they should.  And after all of these years I can tell you with 100% certainty it's NOT because they don't have the offensive skills.  It's that they KNOW they're at risk.  Becoming invincible is about ELIMINATING that risk.  ELIMINATING the fear of being submitted.  ELIMINATING the ONLY way an opponent can hurt you... 

You should be able to step on the mat with ZERO fear of being submitted.  With supreme confidence and certainty that your opponent has absolutely ZERO chance at finishing you.  Are there some people above your skill level that might not apply to?  Yes... for now.  I'm not talking pie in the sky here. I'm not talking about a blue belt facing a World Champion Black Belt. I'm talking about YOU being absolutely certain there's no peer who can submit you.  And when you go with those who are clearly better than you.  If they don't have an elite game... they won't be able to submit you either.

"Henry's ability to break down techniques that we think we all know at white belt,
but make them better, even after you've been a black belt for years like I have, Henry, is second to none."
Blake Hayes, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Founder of Sheepdog Jiu-Jitsu 
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