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An Open Letter From 3rd Degree Rickson Gracie Black Belt Henry Akins

If you'd like to get the same sort of training I would give to someone competing for world titles, the same sort of insider secrets that helped Kron Gracie set a world-record 51 consecutive submission wins at Brown Belt when I was helping to coach him in the early 2000s, and the same sort of insider secrets we were forbidden to teach outside of the old gym on Pico Blvd back in Rickson's competition days...

 Then this will be the most important page you ever read about how to develop world-class skill in Jiu-Jitsu. 

 Here's why: 

 Back in 2015, I began to really pour my heart and soul into a massive Jiu-Jitsu seminar circuit around the United States. 

This was around the time when my friend Scott and I launched Hidden Jiu-Jitsu, an online instructional library dedicated to keeping the Jiu-Jitsu handed down to me by Rickson Gracie alive and cataloged for future generations. 

 Because I noticed right away as I taught seminars that nobody, not even the most experienced black belts, were even aware of what we had been training at Rickson's. 

 I'm talking about knowledge I assumed was basic, blue-belt level knowledge being totally unknown to even the most experienced fighters outside our gym. 

 Let alone did they know how to teach it. 

 And so it was a real possibility if someone didn't make a sincere effort to get this information out, it could be basically lost to time, until someone else re-discovered and made a system of it!

 And I believe that everyone deserves access to this life-saving, life-changing, unbelievably empowering knowledge. 

 Around that time, I also started to notice at my seminars there were certain people who would follow me around the U.S. and attend every seminar they could, and they started talking about the "Mind Blown" effect because nobody even believed how fast they would reach high-level skill, how effective this Jiu-Jitsu was, until they felt it for themselves. 

 But once they did, they were speechless

 I knew the feeling. 

 (This is exactly why I left my home, my girlfriend, and basically everything I ever knew back in the early 90s to go train with Rickson after I had seen and felt the reality for myself.)

 These Black Belts who had been training 10, 15, 20 years talked the same way about these Hidden Jiu-Jitsu seminars as Kung Fu guys talked about learning Jiu-Jitsu back in the 90s. 

 Like it gave them super-powers they didn't even realize were possible and like they had completely wasted their time with anything else. 

 So we decided to start recording these seminars, and hired a professional videographer, and the "Mind Blown Club" was born.

 That way, for those who didn't have the resources to drop hundreds of dollars every weekend and follow me hundreds or thousands of miles around the States, we could still make sure everyone had access. 

 And in these seminars, I held nothing back. 

 I revealed every last detail you would need to get results that are so ridiculous, people don't even believe it's possible (until they actually see and feel it for themselves).

 Just check out the comments on my social media in the early years. 

 "Yeah, right!" is basically the attitude of the trolls online.

And I can hardly blame them.

 Because what's possible with this knowledge is usually deemed "too good to be true".

 Until someone attends a seminar and sees and feels the proof for themselves. 

Some of those students have been nice enough to get on camera and tell the world it's NOT "too good to be true" after all, and so we made a page dedicated just to those testimonials that you can read here: click here for my "Students Speak" page to see for yourself. 

And this is why I'm offering "The Motherlode" aka "Black Belt In A Box" Collection of every seminar I've taught since 2015.  All 63 of them!

These seminar recordings are high-definition, professionally edited videos that show you every last hidden detail you need to make your Jiu-Jitsu simply effortless from every position covered. 

Plus, there is a question and answer video for every single technique covered.

That way, you can see how to actually apply this knowledge, and how the common questions are answered.

This frequently asked questions footage is crucial for your learning, so you don't get stuck on any of the common mistakes. 

If you're curious about how deep in detail we get in each seminar, or you'd like to see some video proof for yourself about just how effective these techniques are, then click here to check out a page for just one of the seminars on chokes. 

I hope this opportunity saves you a TON of money and gives you the best jiu jitsu of your life!



PS - Over the years my seminars have been featured in my "Mind Blown Club"

The Mind Blown Club is separated into five different collections, that we call "Tracks".

Think of each group of seminars as an album as a collection of your favorite tracks.

And if you for whatever reason don't want EVERY seminar of the last 7 years
Below you'll find a list of each of the Mind Blown Tracks and a detailed list of which seminars are included in each track, and which specific techniques and concepts are covered in each seminar. 

You're welcome to pick and choose which tracks you'd like to own.

You won't save as much as The Motherlode aka "Black Belt In A Box" Collection but you'll still save 80% off for this sale!

The Complete Motherlode aka "Black Belt In A Box" Collection

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Below Are ALL 63 Seminars You Get Delivered Instantly To Any & All Of Your Devices Included In "The Motherlode" aka "Black Belt In A Box"

Mind Blown Club Track 1

(We've organized the seminars into tracks. Think of these "tracks" like your favorite Jiu-Jitsu album, a collection of seminars that you can tune into anytime you need. The list of topic they covered is listed below!)

Chokes – Annapolis Maryland Garfield MMA

BONUS 1 Dan Camarillo Arm Locks

Back Defense and Escapes - Gracie Kentucky

BONUS 2 - Matt Jones D'arce

Guard Passing - Connecticut

Defenses and Escapes - Colorado Kompound

Sweeps - Philadelphia Scion

Self Defense - California Kola BJJ

Crosside Escapes - California Kola BJJ

Takedowns - Gracie Kentucky

Scarf Hold - Gracie Kentucky

Closed Guard - Delaware

Guard Passing - Louisville Kentucky

Back Control and Attacks - Cincinnati

Vale Tudo Closed Guard - Gracie Kentucky

Vale Tudo Open Guard - Gracie Kentucky

Year End Ask Me Anything Q&A

Mind Blown Club Track 2

  (We've organized the seminars into tracks. Think of these "tracks" like your favorite Jiu-Jitsu album, a collection of seminars that you can tune into anytime you need. The list of topic they covered is listed below!)

Arm Lock Escapes, Control and Finishing- Alpha BJJ

Turtle - Cleveland

Fundamentals - New Jersey

Defending and Escaping the Cross Side - Dominance MMA

Chokes - Massachusetts

Submission Defense and Escapes - Syracuse

Vale Tudo - Offensive - Gracie Kentucky

Half Guard Top - SBG Athens

Half Guard Bottom - SBG Athens

Vale Tudo - Mount and Cross Side

Defense - Gracie Kentucky

Introducing the Concept of Weight

Distribution - SBC Portland

Submission Defense and Escapes - SBG Portland






Mind Blown Club Track 3

  (We've organized the seminars into tracks. Think of these "tracks" like your favorite Jiu-Jitsu album, a collection of seminars that you can tune into anytime you need. The list of topic they covered is listed below!)

Sweeps - Toledo Ohio

Attacking from the Mount - Super

Systems Gym, Columbus Ohio

Scarf Hold - Balance Studios

Crosside Escapes - Relson Gracie Columbus

Cross Side Attack System - Gracie Kentucky

Mount Attack System - Gracie Kentucky

Grip Breaking, Takedowns and Cross

Side Escapes - Oliver MMA

Sweeps - Redline Jiu-Jitsu

Going from Sweeps into Arm Bars - Redline Jiu-Jitsu

Choke Escapes - Gracie Kentucky

Cross Side Escapes - Atlanta




Mind Blown Club Track 4

  (We've organized the seminars into tracks. Think of these "tracks" like your favorite Jiu-Jitsu album, a collection of seminars that you can tune into anytime you need. The list of topic they covered is listed below!)

Turtle Position Escapes & Take Downs - Atlanta

Guard Passing - SBG Niagara

Choke Defense and Escapes - Toronto

Cross Side Attack System - SBG Portland

In Depth on the Cross Collar Choke - SBG Portland

Vale Tudo Open Guard - Alliance San Diego

Closed Guard Attacks - Gracie Bay View, Toledo Ohio

Armlock Position Control and Finish
Mastering the Bridge (Umpa) escape from the Mount

Choke Defenses and Escapes - Gracie Kentucky

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Connection - Gracie Kentucky

Back Defense and Escapes - SBG Portland

Back Control and Attacks - SBG Portland

Mind Blown Club Track 5

  (We've organized the seminars into tracks. Think of these "tracks" like your favorite Jiu-Jitsu album, a collection of seminars that you can tune into anytime you need. The list of topic they covered is listed below!)

Guard Passing Counters, D'arce Defense - Woodstock

Half Guard Bottom - Woodstock

Vale Tudo Guard - SBG Montana

Vale Tudo Mount and Cross Side & SBG Montana

Armlock Defense & Escapes Day 1 - Gracie Kentucky

Armlock Defense & Escapes Day 2 - Gracie Kentucky

Half Guard Bottom - SBG Idaho

Back Control & Attacks - SBG Idaho

Cross Side Vale Tudo - Redline Jiu-Jitsu

Takedowns & Posture in the Closed Guard and No-Gi Chokes - Alpha BJJ

Self Defense and Weight Distribution from the Bottom - Morales Jiu-Jitsu

Takedowns using the step behind leg trip and mastering the hook sweep - Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of Kentucky

Takedowns - Alpha BJJ

Posture in the Closed Guard and No-Gi Chokes - Alpha BJJ

Mount Maintenance and Attacks - Kentucky 


If You're Ready For YOUR Jiu-Jitsu To Be UNSTOPPABLE Then Do This...

Imagine a time, say a year from now, when you've already finished training a single seminar technique each day (IF you can control yourself and do just one each day! haha!)...

And you've been pretty consistent with positional training, so you've developed the details and skill to a pretty high level with each seminar...

What would you enjoy most about having taken that journey and reached your goal?

The confidence?

The respect from your peers and instructor knowing you're a serious student of the art, and a real threat on the mats?

The sheer domination of your training partners who used to get the better of you?

The peace of mind that comes from finally understanding Jiu-Jitsu on a deeper level so that it doesn't feel like a random jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces that don't quite fit together meaningfully, and it's actually pretty simple?

Because if you keep up your end of the bargain and practice just one technique each day, then you can look forward to all of the above and more. 

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