How To Effortlessly
Escape The Mount

Even When Your Opponent Is
Bigger, Faster, Stronger &
Than You

Using My Counter Intuitive Mount Escape System 
Allows You To  Practically... 

Let People Mount You Just For The Sheer Pleasure & Satisfaction Of Escaping 

While At The Same Time Demoralizing Your Opponents & Then Punishing Them For Even Thinking About Putting You In A Bad Position.

“Escaping The Mount Became So Easy, 
It Actually Becomes A Tool To Demoralize,
Frustrate & 
Mentally Break Your Opponents”
- Moses M.

What is the Mount Escape Mastery Course?

The Mount Escape Mastery Course is a counterintuitive approach to escaping the mount, that allows you to never get stuck on the bottom & without needing to be big, strong, athletic or even technically perfect.

You escape by knowing exactly what is available to you (they GIVE you something to leverage EVERY SINGLE TIME (no exceptions) and then simply seeing with your own eyes EXACTLY what your opponent is going to do BEFORE he does it without being punched, choked, armbarred, etc...

And as a result...this frees you up to easily escape, reverse and attack  - this is the what you get from The Mount Escape Mastery Course

Mount Escape Mastery is a Shortcut

"(Mount Escape Mastery) was one of the better, most enlightening, and most entertaining Jiu-Jitsu classes I’ve taken.... Everyone walked away better than they were when it started"
-Matt Thornton, Founder & President Straight Blast Gym International 

After traveling around the world and teaching jiu jitsu to every size, shape & skill level the barriers that are most commonly taught to escape the mount are in many cases the very things that make it near impossible for some people to consistently get out from under safely… 

I’ve seen a growing and disturbing trend of high level jiu jitsu students who while good on top, they get completely and utterly dominated when mounted. As an experienced instructor its demoralizing to see hard working students feel like giving up, quitting on a position or in some cases even quitting training all together simply because there’s a position they just CAN’T get out of no matter how hard they try…

When I became a teacher I didn’t sign up for that ;-)

I signed up to help people like you be able to navigate EVERY situation YOU encounter on the mat.  If you have difficulty escaping the mount something is DREADFULLY wrong and I created Mount Escape Mastery to FIX things for you once and for all.

Now, for the first time ever… you have the opportunity to benefit from my entire Mount Escape Mastery System

"Henry's ability to break down techniques that we think we all know at white belt,
but make them better, even after you've been a black belt for years like I have, Henry, is second to none."
Blake Hayes, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Founder of Sheepdog Jiu-Jitsu