Chokes Seminar - Annapolis

Who else wants chokes so efficient they feel effortless?

Mind Blown Chokes Seminar - Annapolis

Can you finish your chokes with only 3-5% of your strength in live training? 

If you're using any more strength than that to finish, something is wrong with your technique. 

If you'd like your chokes to be so efficient, you easily finish your opponents with only 3-5% strength, no matter how hard they're trying to defend, then here is how I do it, and why I think you can too.

*If you already own Mind Blown Club Year One, then you do not need to buy this seminar because you already have it.


Discover the hidden details for 8 different fundamental chokes.

 This course covers 8 different fundamental chokes and the hidden details you've never seen to make them unstoppable. It will not matter how they defend, once you set them up the way I show you, it's game over and there is no escape.

 You will learn the hidden details of the same guillotine that made Kron Gracie a legend, that he caught Otavio Sousa with at ADCC 2013.

 The chokes included are: the guillotine, the rear naked choke, the bow and arrow choke from the back, the bow and arrow choke from side mount, north south choke, triangle choke, cross collar choke with hand going over, and finally, cross collar choke with hand going under. 


Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 How to use connection, leverage, and the proper movement to make your chokes as effortless as they are devastating. Your training partners will be shocked and ask you to show them how you did that.

How to make an extremely powerful connection to your opponent’s neck with the Triangle Choke. This one detail will change your understanding of the triangle forever.

Why the RNC should have little to no effect on your opponent’s breathing when it’s done properly. If you’re gagging everyone with the RNC, your technique is sloppy and you need this course.

 The only two motions you need to apply all 3 pressures flawlessly for the Rear Naked Choke, and with almost zero effort.

 The most important detail for the Bow and Arrow Choke. The success rate of the bow and arrow choke is built on this one detail, and this is not being taught anywhere else.

✓ And so much more!


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