What are many of the most respected and experienced Jiu-Jitsu teachers and school owners saying about Hidden Jiu-Jitsu?

Here's what people are saying about Henry Akins' Hidden Jiu-Jitsu:

"Make sure you buy Henry's stuff, he's awesome."

Phil "Jiu-Jitsu Matrix" Migliarese, 5th Degree Black Belt under Relson Gracie, Owner Balance Studios


"I never miss one of Henry's seminars.


His ability to break down techniques that we think we all know at white belt, but make them better, even after you've been a black belt for years like I have, is second to none.


He's just a master of the basics and finding little details that will make the stuff you abandoned years ago because you don't think it works, actually work for you, and the white belt level stuff work at the black belt level, and be able to work on anybody....


My mind is blown every time."

- Blake Hayes, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Founder of Sheepdog Jiu-Jitsu


"Henry is one of my very favorite people in the world to train with. I look forward to every single opportunity I get to learn from him and exchange ideas with him, because this is the type of Jiu-Jitsu that I'm interested in."

- Stephen Whittier, 3rd Degree Black Belt under Roberto Maia, "One of the most decorated martial arts instructors in the country."


"I would take Henry's stuff and use it as my 'secret Jiu-Jitsu hack' for years... Every time he's here he shows something new, magical, that is game changing."

- Ty Gay, owner of Redline Jiu-Jitsu and 13th American Black Belt under the Gracie Family under Rener & Ryron Gracie.


"Even my black belts were raving... I cannot recommend him enough... you will get better in one night, trust me!"

Chris Savaresse, 3rd Degree Black Belt at NJBJJ.com


"I can't recommend him highly enough..."

Robin Geiseler, 5th Degree Black Belt under Relson Gracie and Jeff Hudson, head instructor at Gracie Ohio in Columbus, Ohio. 


"Been doing Jiu-Jitsu for a little more than 20 years. I met Henry when I started, in fact, so I've known him for a very long time.


And he was blowing my mind then, and he continues to blow my mind now.


It's the purest form of Jiu-Jitsu I've been exposed to, other than Rickson. It's amazing. Great guy...


Shows every single micro detail, so it's really not about athleticism, it's about how to apply leverage, space, time..."

Kola Ajose, 3rd Degree Black Belt. Owner KolaBjj.com

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"When people ask me what the seminar is going to be on, I told them it doesn't matter. Because no matter what Henry focuses on, your level of understanding is going to grow ten fold."

Jason Bodi, Owner at Bay View Jiu-Jitsu, 1st Degree Black Belt under Pedro Sauer 


"The thing I love about the whole, you know, Hidden Jiu-Jitsu style is... you got Jiu-Jitsu whether it's sport, street, self-defense, MMA... I fight MMA... it works no matter what it is... in a gi, out of a gi, same grips, same pressure, same everything... it's beautiful, and very useful."

Thor, Black Belt, Chicago, Illinois  


"I just absolutely love having Henry come in to teach because... it's always fundamentals... "

Coach Rich, Owner and Head Coach at Straight Blast Gym, Niagra 


"This is one of the best seminars I've been to, bare bones basics but the details were awesome."

Brian "Beard Jitsu", Houston, Texas, Black Belt under Kevin Henderson, Carlos Machado affialiate


"It reminds you of that, for me, starting Jiu-Jitsu in the 90s, it reminds me of that magic, where Jiu-Jitsu just felt like a superpower!"

- Elliot Bayev, Founder of OpenMat Gym, Toronto Canada, Champion Competitor, Black Belt under Shawn Williams, 3rd Degree Renzo Gracie Black Belt


"The reason I always like seminars with Henry is because he just demonstrates simple techniques that are extremely effective and have efficiency of movement. Some of the best Jiu-Jitsu I've ever learned."

Joe Hoeffer, Black Belt, American Killer Bees Martial Arts And Fitness of Cleveland, Tennessee


"The most useful part is the concepts Henry is teaching are very easy and very simple to understand. You don't have to be athletic, you don't have to have speed. I always learn a lot every time I train with Henry."

Justin, Black Belt, training since 1996 


"Henry is by far one of the most technical instructors...


Simple, effective techniques, from white belt to black belt...


You will gain details on techniques you've known your entire life, you will walk away just astounded by their effectiveness to work on anybody, regardless of their size or strength...


I can tell you, even as a black belt, training under Henry, it feels like I'm a white belt again in many cases... and that's the fun of it!"

- Brian Philips, Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, Scott Smith


"Henry just came out to my school and everyone is using that phrase, 'mind blown'! I've trained with this dude multiple times, I know what to expect, and still he exceeds my expectations!"

Darin Branch, Black Belt, Gracie Humaita


"I don't know how many seminars I've been to of Henry's, but it never fails, even if it's the same items covered, you always leave with a little piece of the puzzle you didn't have before! And the simplicity, it's the Jiu-Jitsu a white belt can do or a black belt can do."

Richard Van Hook, Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, Scott Smith


 "This is probably my dozenth seminar with Henry Akins... he is phenomenal!


Every single seminar he ends up showing something either very subtle or very basic that ends up improving my game dramatically.


So I am just in awe every time I see Henry, it's just an amazing experience with him!"

- Randal Burton, Black Belt, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Cincinnati, training for 17 years


"Phenomenal instructor, one of the best instructors I've ever trained with, and I've been doing this a long time.


I've trained with some of the best in the world and Henry is hands down one of the best instructors I've learned from."

- Chris Cunnyngham, Black Belt under Robert Harper, The Forge Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


"I've been doing Jiu-Jitsu for over 15 years, and I really appreciate the fine level of detail that I saw here.

Even when we saw moves I've been exposed to previously, the details that I saw here today are really going to make a big difference."

Bruno Souza, Roberto Maia Black Belt, Owner Franklin Martial Arts, Bellingham, Massachusetts

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"This is always such a blast for me because I actually started at Rickson's when Henry was a brown belt, he was my first Jiu-Jitsu instructor.

Every time I see him I'm blown away, because he just gets better and better and better at teaching and refines everything.

I'm just always so impressed, and it was such a pleasure to train with him."

- Alex Rosenstein, Roberto Maia Black Belt, Boston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


 "Incredible details... I've been a black belt since 2010... and Henry makes me feel like a white belt, so if you get the chance, please go out and see him."

- Dennis B., Pedro Sauer Black Belt, training since 1995


 "The details are incredible, his instructor style seems to be ego-less, he gives the information in a sort of scientific format and easy to learn. He's really connected with the students... and I'm definitely coming back!"

Terry Davis, Black Belt under 2nd Degree Black Belt Chet Schemahorn


 "Had a great time with Henry today looking at some Hidden Jiu-Jitsu, really enjoyed the details... really looking forward to bringing this information back to our team in Athens."

Randy and Andy, Pedro Sauer Black Belts, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Athens


 "I've been training Jiu-Jitsu for 17 years, I picked up a lot of little details to stuff that I thought I already knew, so now I'm looking forward to refining it further. It's all about the details, excellent seminar!"

- Roy Stephanoson, Jim Kelly Black Belt, Gracie Cincinnati, Team Pedro Sauer


"The amount of details was just excellent. I couldn't recommend this enough to anyone."

Ted, Pedro Sauer Black Belt


 "I always like the simple, precise...small details that are amazing, it always adds something to my game... always connects that missing link for to make everything flow together."

Scott Jones, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Pedro Sauer Associate, Training 18 Years


"This is my fourth seminar with Henry. I first trained with Henry in 2012 and have been sold ever since. His pressure, for someone who isn't incredibly gigantic, it feels like 200-300 lbs. heavier than what he actually is. Advanced basics..."

James Terello, Black Belt, Balance Studios, Philadelphia


"I've been training for a little over 20 years... what it gave me was, it was nothing I hadn't seen, but the techniques were done in a way I hadn't seen and that I want to utilize."

Mark Fishmen, Roberto Maia Black Belt, Boston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


"I've been coming to train with Henry off and on for years and today's seminar was just literally... I know it's cliche, but mind blowing.


Simple, effective, nothing flashy but, it just works. And it's just so simple to remember, you don't even really need to take notes."

Eric Meyers, Black Belt Instructor, Pedro Sauer Affiliate

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"I go to every Henry seminar I can get to.

I've had the good fortune to travel around the world and train with a lot of great instructors and famous names, and I still place Henry, literally, at the top of the list."

Dave, Relson Gracie Black Belt


"It's amazing Jiu-Jitsu. He's going to break it down so that everybody gets it, at each person's pace. Don't miss out man, get your game to the next level and enjoy it."

- Steve Austin, Owner Scion Jiu-Jitsu 


"It was about an hour and a half [drive] to get here to Henry's seminar, and I would have walked to have learned what I learned...


He changed 2 or 3 things I thought I was doing right for 9 years, and just that quick, I feel like everything I've done up until that point was completely wrong.


It was the best seminar I've ever been to the, the best instruction I've ever got. My instructors, it looked like to me, were also learning. Everything was awesome, my mind is blown. Thank you."

Dany Moore, Brown Belt

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"I try to get around Henry as much as I can.

He shows little things that make an instantaneous difference.

Can't say enough good things about him."

Tom, Relson Gracie Black Belt


"The seminar was amazing.


It's the small details that make all the difference in the world.


The things you'll see here you won't see anywhere else, period."

Nick, 4-Stripe Brown Belt


"Henry Akins is the best... we always get a huge amount of information from him."

Eddie, Brown Belt


"Five years ago I was ready to hang up my Jiu-Jitsu career as a blue belt making absolutely no progress.


A friend of mine invited me to a Henry Akins seminar and it changed everything.


I've been to tons of different seminars... and this is the best value I have ever experienced in a seminar environment in my life."

Robb Wolf, 2X New York Times/WSJ Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat, Purple Belt


"Everything is so basic, but so effective. 


Things that seemed should have been obvious because I'm a brown belt I didn't know.


I got a TON out of it, highly recommend it."

Greg, Brown Belt under John Garfield


"The techniques were very fluid and natural feeling and they were simple but a strong basis for Jiu-Jitsu."

Brett, Brown Belt under John Garfield


"I'm from Montreal, I flew in just for Henry's seminar tonight.


The details Henry showed I have never seen...


And now I'm not just going back and trying to remember five or six submission defenses, I'm actually working on an idea I can apply across the board to a lot of different things."

- Shawn Mozen, owner at Agatsu.com, Brown Belt

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