Closed Guard Attacks

how to master the position that made jiu-jitsu famous

Closed Guard Attacks

Rickson once told me...

His closed guard was so good, he didn't even think he could pass it. 

In this course, I'm going to teach you everything he taught me, and a lot I've learned along the way about how to make your closed guard so dangerous the only way out is to submit. 

The closed guard is like a bear hug with your legs, and the legs are many times stronger than the arms. 

Plus, once you know how to break grips and posture properly (at the same time), your opponents will be literally helpless to defend the onslaught of attacks you can bring from every angle, or even to get up if you don't want them to.

There is also the opportunity to link attacks together in combination so that no matter what they do to defend, they leave themselves open to a different attack. 


Why is the closed guard so misunderstood these days when it's one of the strongest positions to attack from?

 The hidden details for how to break down your opponent's posture and how to break your opponent's grips effectively are completely missing from most Jiu-Jitsu curriculums. I know this because I've taught over 300 seminars around the world and I've yet to find a single school that wasn't completely surprised by what I showed them. This will change forever what is possible for you as a Jiu-Jitsu fighter. 

 Once you know how to break your opponent's posture, and how to break their grips, you need to understand the mechanics of how to make your attacks work with leverage and timing, rather than strength and speed. If you're depending on strength and speed, if your opponent is stronger, bigger or faster than you, your techniques won't work. But if you use leverage and timing, you'll be unstoppable. I can't wait to hear how this changes everything for you. 

 Being dangerous from the closed guard also has other benefits, like being able to take bigger risks in other positions, as well as discouraging your opponent's from wanting to advance at all, because they know if you catch them in the closed guard, they're done. 

→ And so much more!

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Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 How to properly break grips and posture. This is almost never taught, or never taught correctly, yet it is the skill most needed to be effective from the closed guard. 

 The effective way to do the armbar from the closed guard. The way this technique is usually taught, it simply doesn't work. It usually takes five steps to finish, and by the time you're on your third or fourth step, they already see it coming from a mile away. I will show you how to move from set up to finish in two movements. It will be over before they even know what's happening. Some have said this alone is worth the price of the entire course. 

 The details you're missing for the guillotine, kimura, triangle, and omoplata that will take you from hit or miss to hit it every time or nearly every time you go for it. 

 How to take the back from closed guard and make it nearly impossible for them to stop you. 

 The infamous "car jack" technique for getting under their chin when they try to tuck it to defend the cross collar choke. 

✓ And so much more!


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