Cross Collar Chokes Mastery Seminar

Discover the hidden details that make your cross collar choke dangerous from any position, no matter who you're fighting

Cross Collar Chokes Mastery Seminar

How does this one hidden detail make your cross collar choke dangerous from any position, even if you have a “terrible grip”?

In 2009, at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Roger Gracie finished nine of the best competitors in the world, one right after the other, with the same outcome: choke from mount. Most of those were the cross collar choke. How did he do it? Saulo Ribeiro, 5x World Champion, 2x ADCC champion and author of Jiu-Jitsu University, believed it was “the invisible Jiu-Jitsu”. 

"Invisible Jiu-Jitsu?" Are there really hidden details that make that much of a difference? Yes! And in this seminar, I'll show you every last hidden detail you will ever need to make your cross collar choke dangerous no matter who you’re fighting, from any position, even against the most seasoned competitors in the world.

But first, I want to explain 3 reasons I believe the cross collar choke, done this unique way, is one of the most important tools a fighter can have:


3 reasons this unique method of cross collar choke is a tool every Jiu-Jitsu fighter should have:

The cross collar choke, done with the right hidden details, is dangerous even for the best fighters in the world. Roger Gracie proved it, and I’ve taught this to black belts and competitors with decades of experience from all around the world and seen it for myself.

The cross collar choke works from almost any position. Closed guard, open guard, mount, cross side, knee on belly, half guard, even on the bottom of half guard, as my friend Todd Fox proved at nationals, submitting two different competitors from the bottom of half guard with this cross collar choke. Once you learn this unique method, you'll have a devastating tool that works from all of these different positions.

→ Works gi and no-gi. True, you need some type of clothing or material, but once you really understand the concept of how to use these hidden details, even a polo shirt, t-shirt, or rash-guard will do. As a bouncer I used the cross collar on people with just polo shirts. I can’t emphasize this enough, any type of garment will do. A hoodie. Flannel. Button up shirt. Jacket. You name it. If there is cloth on their upper body in any fashion, you can get it done.

What makes this seminar different than the other Hidden Jiu-Jitsu modules that cover the cross collar choke?

But there’s one more piece of the puzzle you need before this is a done deal. One of the things I'm most proud of over the past couple years in my teaching is shifting the focus for how to apply Hidden Jiu-Jitsu against resistance successfully in the shortest amount of time possible.

Anyone can do a technique if their training partner is cooperating. But what happens in live training, when you start getting serious resistance? You need a game plan that covers every possibility.

That’s what the Cross Collar Chokes Mastery seminar is all about. Two days - 69 videos - walk you through literally everything you need to know to make this work no matter what happens. I have never gone into this much depth and detail for not just how to understand the cross collar choke, but how to make it work against all out resistance against the most skilled fighters you will ever face. But now, it’s all here for you.

What are you waiting for? Get these videos now and add this tool to your arsenal. A year from now, when you can cross collar choke pretty much anyone you want, from any position, you’ll remember the Cross Collar Chokes Mastery seminar as the start of it all.


Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

βœ“ How to connect to the neck to make your cross collar choke devastating even with a "terrible grip". Many teachers emphasize having a deep grip in the collar, but you'll see in these videos why that doesn't matter. You can be dangerous even with a "terrible grip" if you understand this hidden movement that makes the choke work. 

βœ“ Why doing the cross collar choke this unique way will nullify many common defenses, like posturing up. Actually, I will show you how to completely destroy all of the most common defenses, including tucking the chin, posturing up, etc. without blowing out your grip or struggling at all. In fact, it will feel easy, and it must feel easy if you're going to be effective, because to finish the choke you need to be able to maintain the pressure over time. If you're putting in too much effort, you'll have to relax before you can finish.

βœ“ How to practice the cross collar choke to be effective in live training and competition. We all need cooperative training partners to learn. But if that's where your strategy ends, it's going to be years before you are effective when you're actually rolling, if ever. In this series, I will show you a special way of training and slowly challenging yourself to increase your skill that is so powerful and yet so easy and simple to do. It's a shame more people don't take their time to do this, but no matter. I will walk you through this methodical, proven way to build the highest levels of skill in the shortest time possible.

βœ“And so much more!

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