Cross Side Attacks

How to be so dangerous from every angle, your opponent is forced to either give you a submission, or let you advance to the mount

Cross Side Attacks

Why is the ability to attack effectively from cross side so important?

Once you establish the cross side position, you basically have two options. 

Option #1: Finish the fight. 

Option #2: Advance your position to the mount. 

You won't be able to do either effectively if you're not dangerous from every angle, and you won't be able to advance to the mount if you're missing the proper setups. 

Especially against more skilled fighters. 

Once you finish this course, you will be able to force your opponents to give you the reactions you want no matter which option you choose. 


These hidden details for cross side attacks are the difference between great grapplers and legendary grapplers. 

 The hidden details for the hammerfist choke from scarf hold. I didn't really learn the depths of how powerful the hammer fist choke was until I was a brown belt. And when I asked Rickson for help with this and learned the hidden details, I realized I should have made this a go-to attack at blue belt. Once you understand how to use your weight with this choke, you will be a serious threat to anyone, gi or no-gi.

 The elbow pluck armlock is one of my favorite ways to take advantage of the instinct to defend being crushed from cross side, and it becomes available any time you control the inside arm, or they try to push on your hip and just give you the inside arm.

 The hidden details, especially how you grip your hands together, for how to make the paper cutter choke work gi or no gi. 

 13 other submissions and the hidden details for all of them are covered in this course. You will be a serious threat no one can ignore from every conceivable angle when you're done with this course. 

  You'll also see the hidden details for how to easily and effortlessly advance to the mount, the correct timing and windows of opportunity to advance to the mount, and how to force them to react the way you want so they can't stop you.


Skill Level: Beginner - Adanced

What Will I Learn?

 The setups and grips you need to make your attacks effective and inevitable from every angle and situation imaginable. 

 How to advance to the mount successfully no matter which techniques they use to stop you (you'll turn every move they make into a mistake they immediately regret). 

 How to counter the most common defenses to the transition to the armbar. 

 Hidden details for the Kimura, Americana, Straight Armlocks, and North South choke, and 15 attacks total that not 1 in 1000 black belts are even aware of. These details make your attacks unstoppable and force your opponent to react. If they defend their arm, they open their neck. If they defend their neck, they give away their arms. Heads you win, tails they lose.


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