Cross Side Escapes

strike fear into the hearts of bigger, stronger opponents, as they realize they are completely helpless to control you

Cross Side Escapes

It no longer matters if they're twice your size, or how they try to hold you down...


Once you understand the key elements of how the cross side position works, you'll be able to unlock any form of side control and take the top position with ease.

Being stuck on the bottom of cross side (side control) is one of the most uncomfortable positions in Jiu-Jitsu. It's miserable. But not for those who understand there is always a simple, easy way out, once you develop a deep understanding of how the position actually works. 

Arthur C. Clarke said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." 

Call it whatever you want, but this course is scientifically designed to make your Jiu-Jitsu work like magic. 


Turn the most uncomfortable position in Jiu-Jitsu into your secret weapon.

 Once you can escape the cross side anytime you please, it no longer matters if they pass your guard. In fact, you can bait people to pass your guard, and they'll take the bait every time, because no one will expect what you're capable of.

 This course covers every type of control (hand and arm position) physically possible, and how to unravel them all effortlessly. Those big wrestlers and judo player at your gym, the big guys, no longer have an advantage. In fact, the advantage is yours, because you'll also have the element of surprise. 

 But what happens when they finally figure out it's useless to try to hold you down in cross side? Won't you lose the element of surprise then? Yes, because now you inspire fear and don't have to worry about being stuck on the bottom anymore because they're afraid to try. Life is good. 

 35 different videos walk you through over 2 hours of the most in-depth instruction on cross side you will find on the internet.

Scroll down for sample videos and technique list!


Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 How to do a shrimp properly, and the subtle movements you've never been taught that actually make it effective. 

 How to use your arms and shoulders to create space, and why the typical "framing" that is taught to escape cross side is actually counter productive and makes it easier for your opponent to flatten you out and keep you down, even if they have no idea what they're doing. 

 Why you need to get to your side, and how to use this subtle difference to buy yourself enough time to escape, every time.

 When I say every form of cross side is covered in this course, I mean it. Knee on belly, north-south, scarf hold, and all the many different arm positions of traditional side control are here. You will have a simple, easy answer to any situation you find yourself in. This is an absolutely game changing skill for any grappler or fighter. 


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