Guard Passing Mastery

You need just two things to pass any guard, any time (Hint: Neither One Is "Grips")

Guard Passing Mastery

Is it cheating to make guard passing this easy?

Memorizing guard passing techniques is a waste of time because there are just too many of them. Instead, you only need to practice two things to pass any type of guard.

The first is weight distribution and the second is shifting angles to collapse your opponent's posts.

That's it.

I know that seems too simple and maybe hard to believe. Because if it's that simple, why doesn't anyone teach this? Well, the truth is most people don't know this. That's why I recorded these 5 days of  guard-passing mastery LIVE, where I show you everything.



Guard Passing Mastery:
Recorded LIVE... 5 FULL DAYS Of How To Pass ANY Modern Guard

 Guard Passing Mastery Day 1 -  Here you will be introduced to the ideas and details of how to use your weight and shift angles. We'll also explore what the goals of guard passing are, and why many approaches to guard passing are counter-productive.

Guard Passing Mastery Day 2 - On Day 2 we go deeper into these details and build on the specific challenges posed by different guards in particular, like z-guard, lasso, butterfly, etc. 

Guard Passing Mastery Day 3 - On Day 3 we reinforce everything you've learned in days 1 & 2, as well as go into specifics for half guard, some really important points on how to soak up space as you pass and why this is so important, and how to deal with their knees as posts. 

Guard Passing Mastery Day 4 - On Day 4 we go into details for two of my favorite pieces of the puzzle, which is how to initiate the guard pass with what I call the sumo squat so that they can't stop you from imposing this style of guard passing because you're safe, and how to deal with the hook sweep.

 Guard Passing Mastery Day 5 - On Day 5 we give you possibly the most important guard passing principle of them all.  One. Bite. At. A. Time.  Here you'll also see how to shut down any open guard grip, how to shut down those annoying guys & gals trying to "wrestle up" and the positional foot work and base position required to slice through any guard like a hot knife through the proverbial "Butta" no matter what they're "trying" to do to stop you.  Guard Passing Mastery is about giving YOU the simple, passing skills that can't be stopped.

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Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 How to use your weight and shift angles so that whoever you're fighting is absolutely helpless to stop you from passing. Every movement they make will turn into a mistake that's worse for them and better for you. 

 The infamous "sumo squat" to initiate the guard pass. One of the biggest challenges of passing any guard is how to initiate contact. This is an easy way to keep you very safe and initiate your guard pass in a way they cannot stop or prevent. 

 The true goals of guard passing and why so many approaches to guard passing that are commonly taught, even by otherwise great teachers, actually make no sense and work against you. 

 How to easily shut down the challenges presented by specific guards like z-guard, lasso, butterfly, half guard, etc. I'll break them all down for you and by the time you're done, there will be no style of guard you can't easily pass in two or three movements. This will revolutionize your game. 


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