Mount Maintenance

How to master the most dominant position in fighting

Mount Control & Escapes

Why is the mount the most dominant position in fighting?

When you've secured the mount position, your opponent is at an extreme disadvantage. 

You are safe from taking damage, yet it is easy for you to dish it out. Also, every minute you can maintain the mount is another minute your opponent is struggling to escape, and another minute you are safe. 

This buys you time to either set up a submission and finish the fight, or inflict damage in the form of strikes, or just control the fight if you need to while they burn themselves out. 

The problem is: most people have no idea how to maintain the mount for any significant length of time against someone resisting, or how to escape the mount of a highly skilled opponent. 


If you want to master the mount, you need to understand these things:

 There are 4 basic movements you need to understand and train if you want to be able to maintain the mount against all the different forms of pushing available to your opponent. These rely on weight distribution and shifting the angles of the pressure, and without them, all your opponent needs is one swift buck, and all your skill counts for nothing because they will be out of there and you will have lost the most dominant position in all of the fighting. Back to square one. 

 There's no such thing as a "static" mount. The mount is a flowing, active position that requires you to move in response to your opponent. This means your ability to feel his movements and perceive his intentions accurately is crucial. I will show you how to do this at the highest levels of skill. 

 You only need three things to escape any mount. But if you don't know them, or you don't understand them deeply enough, you're in real trouble if you're on the bottom of the mount. I will show you the hidden details to make all three unstoppable. 

 Why you actually only need one escape, if you know it well, to escape any mount. 

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Skill Level: Intermediate

What Will I Learn?

 How to maintain the mount under any and all circumstances. Master these lessons and you will be a serious threat to even the most skilled grapplers and fighters.

 How to escape the mount of even the most skilled opponents. You only need three escapes to get out of any mount, and actually, if you train one of these to the depth I show you, you really only need one. 

 How to handle skilled and unskilled opponents. That might sound strange, but most Jiu-Jitsu fighters practice against other Jiu-Jitsu fighters, and they neglect to train the unpredictable reactions of an untrained fighter who just wants to throw you off. I will show you how to stop any form of escape or defense and maintain the mount as long as you want. 

 Special drills you can do to keep these skills razor sharp. 

✓ And so much more!


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