Mount Maintenance and Attacks in Malta

a simple system of 3 attacks you can use to finish the fight every time you achieve the mount

Mind Blown Seminars: Mount Maintenance and Attacks in Malta, New York

How many mount attacks do you need to finish the fight reliably?


Just three, if you know them well. In this seminar footage, we go into the hidden details for three different mount attacks, and how to use them in combination with each other, so that if one is defended, the others open up. They are:

1. The cross collar choke from the mount (over hand and under hand grip)

2. The arm bar from the mount

3. The Americana from the mount

Together, these three attacks give you a simple but reliable system you can use to finish the fight every time. As long as your ability to maintain the mount is solid, with these three attacks, the fight is over once you've achieved the mount. 

But don't worry, because these videos cover the fundamentals of how to maintain the mount as well, so you'll have everything you need. 


46 videos recorded over two days show you everything you need to know for this simple mount attacks system.

 Imagine having the details for your cross collar chokes, arm bars and americanas so dialed in, that you can deal with 100% resistance even in slow motion. That's the level of proficiency the drills and details in these videos will bring you to. 

 Have you ever wondered what made Roger Gracie's cross collar choke set up so good, that he finished his entire division with a choke from the mount back in 2009, one right after the other? I will show you the hidden details to Roger's set up in this seminar. 

 The fact these attacks work in combination with each other is critical, because if one is defended, the others open up immediately. This gives you the ability to force your opponent to react and capitalize on their reaction no matter what they do.

→ And so much more!

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Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 How to connect to the neck with your cross collar choke and deal with any defense at any stage of the attack. 

 How to maintain the mount so you have enough time to use your attacks. There are some hidden details that allow you to maintain the mount against any type of escape that are critical to attacking effectively.

 A slick, lightning fast way to use the Americana and cross collar choke in combination that allows you to force them into a trap. 

 How to use your hip and arm for the arm bar so there is no escape once you're in position. 

→ And so much more!


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