Sub 'n Surf - Bali

in 2017 we recorded 142 videos over 5 days of hidden jiu-jitsu camp footage to revolutionize your jiu-jitsu

Sub 'n Surf: Bali

Who else wants to make your Jiu-Jitsu work just as well in live training as it does when you drill?

Have you ever been frustrated because a technique seemed so simple when you drilled it with a partner, but seemed so impossible when you tried to make it work while rolling? There is a huge gap between having your training partner cooperate with you to learn, and trying to make a technique work against a skilled opponent who is resisting you with all their might. 

This camp we did in Bali was aimed directly at this problem. How do we get people from knowing how a technique works to being able to actually apply the technique effectively in live training so it feels effortless no matter how hard your opponent is resisting?


You'll get details here that go even deeper than the other Hidden Jiu-Jitsu courses. 

 One of the first reviews posted for this course said, "Bali was released yesterday. Some of the best money I spent. Just the mount module alone is outstanding. I already had both mount modules but he expands on the concepts which furthered my understanding. Although one would think the mount module is a duplicate of what he has already released, the devil is in the details. Also, the 8 videos watching him roll with explanation were invaluable. Well worth the investment!" - Paul B.

 Brad W. wrote, "Watching videos of Henry rolling is like if the Pentagon released footage of a UFO. It's amazing and you can't look away..." I'm not sure if it's that good, but it was the best effort I've made so far to show you how to actually apply this knowledge in live training by far.

 Curtis W. wrote, "I bought the Bali Sub 'n Surf series... OMG! It's changed my game. One day I hope to attend a live camp". I'd love to see you there Curtis. 

 There are 5 days of footage you'll get with this download, and there's easily a year's worth of light-speed improvement in these videos. Check out the list of videos below to get an idea of just how much we covered over those 5 days. 

→ And so much more!

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Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 142 videos walk you through the details never before revealed for mount escapes, the cross side position, clinching, takedowns, self-defense, submission defenses and escapes, and a deep dive into guard passing. The volume of knowledge in these recordings is bananas. 

 8 different videos of me rolling with different students, from blue belt to black belt. You'll see it all. You will also hear me narrating the important details for strategy and technique so you know what to pay attention to and how to use it in your own training.

 You'll see me coaching the students as they ask the questions that come up while learning all this, so you can accelerate your progress tenfold. 

✓ And so much more!


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