The Soul Stealer

Most people won't last even 30 seconds when you learn to steal souls from scarf hold

Scarf Hold: The Soul Stealer

Whose soul will you steal first? 

Kesa Gatame, or "Scarf Hold", must be the most neglected position in most people's Jiu-Jitsu game. And yet, nobody can deny how powerful it is, as demonstrated by famous Earth-shattering matches like Josh Barnett vs Dean Lister. 

But this is a huge opportunity for anyone smart enough to train scarf hold to the high level because if you are a black belt at something most people are white belts at, then it's easy to dominate even those who are more skilled than you. 

This is what happened with John Danaher's "Death Squad" when they sliced through everyone in competition with leg locks, which no one was ready for. This course will teach you how to use scarf hold in a way no one is ready for, and slice through your competition with ease. 


An in-depth master class for the most neglected position in Jiu-Jitsu.

 At my seminars and in my online coaching club, this position has become known as the "Soul Stealer", because you can usually steal someone's soul in 30 seconds or less once you learn to use your weight and apply pressure to feel like you weigh hundreds of pounds right on top of their diaphragm. 

 44+ videos walk you through every entry, every control, every submission hiding out in plain sight, so you will have more fun than you can imagine. 

 My students are cleaning house at competitions and I've lost count of how many messages I've got telling me about how even blue or purple belts are tapping the higher belts at their gym and blowing minds. 

 If you've ever wanted to build the skill of tapping people from pressure alone, having a solid scarf hold is the ultimate expression of effective weight distribution and it will become normal for you when you finish this course.

→ And so much more!

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Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 Every last entry, adjustment, and submission you will ever need to know to make the scarf hold your secret weapon to dominate everyone. And I mean everyone. 

 I have been travelling the world teaching Jiu-Jitsu non-stop for years. There has not been a single place I've been where anyone is ready for any of the knowledge you will learn in this course. Black belts who have been training 10, 15, 20+ years routinely tell me they feel like complete white belts who had no idea what to do or where to go when faced with "The Soul Stealer" and that they must learn this power for themselves immediately. 

 How to create so much pressure you seem 2-3 times heavier than you actually are and how to apply that pressure directly to your opponent's diaphragm. 

 How to turn your opponent's every move into a horrible mistake that makes things worse and worse for them. The longer they stay here, the worse things get and I will show you how to make your scarf hold inescapable. 


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