Unstoppable Clinching and Takedowns

You don't need to be a Wrestler or spend years in Judo to have unstoppable Takedowns for Jiu-Jitsu & MMA

Unstoppable Clinching and Takedowns

What are the only two skills you need for unstoppable takedowns?

1. Standing and moving in base properly and

2. Mastering the clinch.

That's it. The problem is: most people have never been taught the hidden details that make these two skills actually work. And so most people will spend their Jiu-Jitsu lives needlessly struggling with takedowns and takedown defense, laughing nervously at guard pulling memes online. But there is a better way. And if you'd like to learn how to do both of these things the same way Rickson taught us, then this is the course you need.  


Why is the clinch the most reliable way to build unstoppable takedowns for fighting? Here are 6 reasons:

 The clinch is extremely simple. So when you learn to clinch properly, it's very difficult to stop, because you can move forward faster than your opponent can move backward. Plus, any time they attempt to strike they open themselves up to the cinch. I will show you how to do this so well, you will become a nightmare for anyone squaring off with you from the feet.

 If you want to develop a Jiu-Jitsu takedown strategy for MMA, or if you're wondering whether this works against wrestlers, the clinch will be especially helpful for you. A fantastic example is Demian Maia. Using the clinch, Maia was able to take down Rick Story 3 times in under 2 minutes, even though Story wrestled at Southern Oregon University, where he was a runner-up in the 2006 NAIA National Championships. 

 Maia also took down Jon Fitch 8 times. This is crazy, because Fitch wrestled and was team captain at Purdue under the tutelage of legendary Tom Erickson. Still, Fitch was unable to stop Maia’s simple clinching strategy.

 Maia also took down Chael Sonnon with the clinch! Even though Sonnon wrestled at Oregon, and earned All-American honors, was a two-time PAC-10 runner-up, silver medalist at the 2000 Greco-Roman World University Championships, and was a two-time Dave Shultz Memorial International Greco-Roman winner, he could not stop Maia's simple clinch. And I will show you the details Rickson Gracie handed down to me about connection and weight distribution that will give you the same sort of unstoppable takedown game.

 Here's something else: The clinch doesn't rely on athletic attributes like many wrestling techniques, and it doesn't rely on gi grips like Judo techniques. The clinch is the same in the gi or out of the gi, for grappling or MMA. That means you never have to adjust your training for different fight contexts. Every minute you spend training the clinch will pay off for you 100% when you need it.

 Because you will be focusing on one style of takedowns, you will build skill so much faster if you attention was split. The clinch is all you will ever need, and I will walk you through how to develop a razor-sharp clinch game from every possible scenario. 

→ And so much more!

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Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 How to safely close the distance against an opponent who is using strikes against you, and take the fight to the ground on your terms.

The #1 danger of using Judo takedowns in a fight that actually has nothing to do with grips, but can instantly mean K.O. for you! (Hint: Hockey players use this constantly!)

The #1 rule in fighting, that has nothing to do with hurting your opponent, and explains why you never, ever want to drop your knee on a hard surface for a takedown!

 How to avoid the most common mistake people make with their hips that completely destroys any chance of having a solid base (you will fall like a house of cards at the first ounce of pressure from the wrong direction if you’re not aware of this - no matter how sure you are you’ve got a solid base. Here’s what to do instead, that will root you into the ground like an oak tree - impossible to budge!)

A simple 4-part acid test you can perform in just a couple of seconds that proves you have an immovable base. You can perform this test any time during your drills, practice, or sparring and it will improve your ability to stay on your feet to “inhuman” levels, compared to those who don’t do this regularly.

✓ And so much more!


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