White Belt to Blue Belt

Over 300 videos and 58 weeks of the hidden details that make jiu-jitsu fundamentals unstoppable even against world champions

White Belt to Blue Belt

Here are the hidden details that will make your fundamentals effective from every position.

This program is going to teach you  the fundamental techniques you need to be effective from every position, and how to do them the most efficient and effective way from Day 1. 

I get messages every time I teach from black belts who have been training 10, 15, even 20+ years that are completely mind blown at how they've never learned the details that make their basic techniques effective at the high levels of skill. Now, they're decades into the art and have to re-learn Jiu-jitsu all over again. 

Don't you want to learn Jiu-Jitsu you can count on from Day 1? White Belt to Blue Belt will give you a completely solid foundation for every position in Jiu-Jitsu, from the standing to clinching, from sel-defense to the ground fighting. It's all here. 

Plus, you will learn how to train the techniques in combination with each other, how all the puzzle pieces fit together and how to develop everything you learn to work at the highest levels of skill so you can always count on your Jiu-Jitsu no matter who you're fighting. 

I don't say that lightly. This knowledge has blown the minds of even the most accomplished Jiu-Jitsu champions in the world, and it will give you what you are truly looking for as a martial artists. A set of skills you can count on in any situation that actually work. 



These are the same fundamentals I saw Rickson use time and time again, to inspire quotes like these: 

“I’ve never seen a Jiu-Jitsu like that in my life!

I have trained with the toughest guys formed by Carlson Gracie.

They were all great and I for sure don’t want to diminish anybody, but I have to say that no one ever did to me what Rickson Gracie has done during training these last days.

I have no doubt that Rickson Gracie is the best ground fighter of all time. I bet on him against any athlete of today.”

- Paulo "Ely" Filho, MMA and BJJ Champion

World Champion (1997 purple, 1999* brown, 1999*)
Brazilian National Champion (1996 blue, 1998 brown, 2000*)
ADCC Brazilian Trials Champion (2005)
Brazilian National Silver Medallist (1999)
WEC Middleweight Champion

Or this:

"Rickson is more than just one man—he feels like 5 when you’re fighting him."

- Fabio Gurgel

Teacher of Marcelo Garcia, 4x World Champion (1996, 1997, 2000, 2001)
3x European Champion (2007 and 2009 in senior 1 Division, 2010 in Adult Division)
Brazilian National Champion (1996)
Co-Founder of Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Team

In this course, I'm going to reveal every last detail to every technique. Nothing will ever be the same for you, because when you master this material, you will have opened up an entirely new world of possibilities.


Skill Level: Basic - Advanced

What Will I Learn?

 Back when Rickson was actively competing, these hidden details were never to be taught outside our team - not even to other members of the Gracie family!

 These are the same invisible fundamentals I saw Rickson Gracie use to humble every world champion that came by the old gym on Pico Blvd (I was a first-hand witness to most of the legends you've heard). 

 These are the same fundamentals I coached Kron Gracie with when he set a world-record 51 consecutive submission wins in competition as a Brown Belt (as well as the hidden details to the guillotine Kron used to win the 2013 ADCC against Otavio Sousa).

 This is the exact fundamentals curriculum I used to teach at the old gym when Rickson trusted me as the head instructor to pass his Jiu-Jitsu down to the next generation. 

 PLUS: You'll get access to the private White Belt to Blue Belt Facebook Group where you can ask me and the other members any question you need to make this work for you... and get crazy bonus videos!


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I can tell you, even as a black belt, training under Henry, it feels like I'm a white belt again in many cases... and that's the fun of it!"

- Brian Philips, Black Belt under Pedro Sauer, Scott Smith


"The thing I love about the whole, you know, Hidden Jiu-Jitsu style is... you got Jiu-Jitsu whether it's sport, street, self-defense, MMA... I fight MMA... it works no matter what it is... in a gi, out of a gi, same grips, same pressure, same everything... it's beautiful, and very useful."

Thor, Black Belt, Chicago, Illinois  


 "Incredible details... I've been a black belt since 2010... and Henry makes me feel like a white belt, so if you get the chance, please go out and see him."

- Dennis B., Pedro Sauer Black Belt, training since 1995


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