3 things every grappler and JiuJitsu fighter needs to know about the..

3 things every grappler and Jiu-Jitsu fighter needs to know about the most powerful and least understood position in all of Grappling... The Soul Stealer!


And why the Soul Stealer is even more dangerous now than leg locks were before John Danaher unleashed the “Danaher Death Squad” on the unsuspecting competition scene!


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Text version below: 

"Today I want to talk to you about one of the most misunderstood positions in grappling and Jiu-Jitsu.

And that position is the scarf hold position, also known as Kesa Gatame in Judo, or the “Soul Stealer” in my inner circles.

So what's crazy about this position is it's used in every other grappling art.

It's used in Sambo.

It's used in Judo.

It's used in catch wrestling.

It's used in wrestling...

But for some reason, it's not really ever used much in Jiu Jitsu, unless you're talking about some of the more common self-defense situations.

And so there's a reason for this.

1. That’s the first thing everyone should know about this position, is scarf hold is vastly underutilized and misunderstood, just like leg locks were before Dean Lister and John Danaher made them a real force to be reckoned with in Jiu-Jitsu.

The reason this is true for scarf hold is because there is a fallacy, a misconception that this position is a really easy position to get out of.

And if the person gets out they're going to be on your back.

So if you think about it... when’s the last time you've ever been in scarf hold?

When's the last time anyone has ever got you in a headlock with arm control in the context of Jiu-Jitsu?

I rarely ever see it happen, and yet it is actually one of the most powerful positions in all of grappling!

And the reason it's such a powerful position is THE POSITION ITSELF IS A SUBMISSION!

And you can see this in the Metamoris 4 match with Josh Barnett and Dean Lister.

Now Dean Lister is considered one of the greatest American grapplers of all time.

I have so much respect for Dean.

He's a two time ADCC champion and in his match with Josh Barnett, what you saw at the end there, at the last minute... Josh ended up catching Dean in scarf hold position and Dean TAPPED TO THE POSITION!

Before that it had been 14 years since Dean had been tapped in competition, so he’s not an easy person to finish!

He tapped from basically compression of his chest.

And so that's what happens when you really understand this position.

When you really understand how to use the position, you can apply so much pressure from this position, and it’s enough to actually asphyxiate your opponents.

And there are a few details only very few people know about how to create that tremendous pressure.

2. And this is really the second thing everyone should know about scarf hold, is that by understanding how to use your weight, you can make the position itself a submission!

That is to say, there are little details on how to actually increase pressure, and they have absolutely nothing to do with how much you weigh.

Anyone can do this, even lightweight guys.

Because there are ways to actually increase pressure in such a fashion that the lungs can’t expand.

And what happens is the person on the bottom can't get air in to breathe.

So they end up tapping.

It's a suffocation.

But also, this position is so powerful because not only are you able to apply more pressure in this position than any other position in grappling, but there are a crazy amount of submissions from this position.

There are five or six different arm locks that you can do.

There are chokes you can do.

There are all kinds of different things you could do.

And besides that, you don't even need to actually play the submission, because if you're able to maintain the position, if you understand the key details on how to maintain this position, your opponent is going to end up tapping.

Many of you guys might have seen this video that got released recently and what happened was, it was actually a challenge match from a friend of mine.

A guy named Mike Stewart, who just recently received his black belt from Relson Gracie.

And Mike invited me to come out to his school to teach a seminar.

So I taught a super seminar in Maryland at Mike’s school.

And one of the things I brought up is I would love to teach scarf hold position and I told him,

“You know, for the last couple of years I've been playing with this position... and all of the black belts that I've been playing around with this position with...  they've all tapped to the position alone.”

And he said, “There's no way you could tap me out to this position.”

So he challenged me.

He said we'll film it.

And if I could make him tap to the position I was going to be able to shave his beard.

So anyways, if you guys haven't seen that video you guys should check out that video because... poor Mike, he only lasted a little over 20 seconds.

And we started off fresh.

Which is significant, because it gets a lot worse if you're tired, if you've been training, if you've been rolling hard, and all of a sudden, you get caught in the position and you're already kind of gasping for air.

In that case, people tap much faster.

So anyways, the scarf hold position... it's one of the most powerful positions in Jiu Jitsu.

And what's amazing about it is nobody understands it.

And so if you do understand the position, what happens is when you start catching people, because nobody practices defending it on a regular basis, everybody's escapes are very weak to it.

3. And that’s the third thing everyone needs to understand about scarf hold, is just like leg locks became kryptonite because nobody understood them… the scarf hold has the same element of surprise right now, but is even more dangerous because it is both a position of massive control and a submission unto itself!!!

It's kind of like foot locks about four or five, maybe six years ago.

What happened was for a long time in Jiu-Jitsu, footlocks were really frowned upon.

Nobody was doing foot locks, and so nobody really understood the defense for foot locks.

Nobody understood how to counter them, how to defend them, how to not get entangled in them.

And so what happened was, as guys started attacking the legs more often, people's defenses were so far behind that they were getting really easy submissions, even very very advanced, high level black belts were getting finished really quickly and easily from these leg attacks.

And it's just now that people are starting to really catch on and starting to develop a better better understanding of the defenses and better understanding of how the positions work and how the attacks work.

And so that's the exact same thing for scarf hold.

It doesn't matter if the person's a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, if they're not constantly training their escapes for the scarf hold position, then they are white belts at escaping!!!

And that's what I say all the time.

It doesn't matter what belt you have, if you haven’t practiced something before, you’re a white belt at that position.

And so that's the thing.

Once you understand this position, it doesn't matter if you're rolling with black belts.

They become white belts when they get in scarf hold if they're not constantly practicing how to escape it.

And that's what's happened as I traveled around and taught seminars on this position all over the world.

I get messages literally within a week or so of me teaching the position of students telling me how much success they've been having, that they were tapping everyone like typewriters at their gym.

Actually Mike Stewart sent me an email the other day telling me “Oh my God, this is like a magic position. I've been catching and submitting everyone in this position.”

There's one or two guys he said he was struggling with before he learned this, but he said he's been killing everyone with the scarf after I showed it to him.

So anyways guys, all of the secrets to this position will be coming out soon.

I just filmed the course.

The information is gonna come out and once you have hold of this information, it's almost like having a super power.

It's like a secret weapon.

It's like foot locks you know five or six years ago because nobody understands this position.

Nobody really understands how to get out of it when you understand how to hold and control with the adjustments I’ve made.

People think they know how to get out, but with all these details that I show on how to maintain the position, and all the little adjustments to be able to shut down the most common escapes, it's really gonna be like a superpower.

And the cool thing about this position is all you have to do really is to be able to maintain it.

If you can maintain this position, people are going to tap!

But besides that, it's also fun because there are a ton of different submissions available.

There are just a ton of different submissions, from wrist locks to chokes to arm bars, many that most people have never ever seen before.

So anyways guys, I'm really really excited to share with you my scarf holds secrets, the whole module.

And actually, as we go around, and I've been training with so many people, submitting people with just pressure alone...

What they tell me is it literally feels like, when you start applying the pressure, it feels like their soul is being squeezed out of them, so it's actually been renamed in my inner circles, and to all the black belts that I've played with and showed it to.

It's now called the Soul Stealer, because it really does take people's souls.

It’s one of the worst feelings ever, to have to tap to the pressure and it really, literally feels like you're drowning on dry land.

It feels like you're drowning.

You’re gasping for air but nothing is coming in.

It's one of the most miserable feelings in the world, and the other cool thing like I said before is it has nothing to do with how much you weigh.

There are little adjustments that will help you to be able to apply pressure so that you feel to your opponent something like two to three times your own body weight.

So… the Soul Stealer course is going to be coming out soon.

And in the Soul Stealer video course that I'm gonna be sharing, it has all of the secrets and literally... it doesn't matter what belt you are, I guarantee you will be tapping out black belts with this position, once you really understand it."

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