Deep down, are you truly confident about yourself in a no-rules fight?

Deep down, are you truly confident about yourself in a no-rules fight?

Deep down, are you truly confident you can handle a no-rules fight against someone bigger, stronger and even in much better shape than you, outside the safety of your gym?

Or have you practiced and sparred with good tactics and strategy so often, you’re completely confident in your abilities?

If not, then your Jiu-Jitsu is incomplete. 

The thing is, the way Jiu-Jitsu is trained these days, it’s all aimed at how to beat other Jiu-Jitsu fighters. 

But that’s not the intention of the art. 

At least, not the complete intention of the art. 

Jiu-Jitsu is meant to keep you safe in any type of fight. 

Even against someone who is bigger and stronger than you. 

Especially against someone who is bigger and stronger than you. 

But what if there were a way you could learn strategy and tactics that allowed you to dominate the fight no matter what your opponent throws at you?

What if these strategies and tactics worked so well, you were able to test them in the gym tonight so you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that “yes, this stuff works”?

Well that’s exactly what the Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Vale Tudo Collection is all about. 

This is a collection of four different seminars that shows you everything you need to know from four different positions. 

  1. Cross Side
  2. The Mount
  3. Open Guard
  4. Closed Guard

Each of these positions has so many hidden details for how to use strikes, and how to defend against strikes, I could write a blog about each one of them. 

But the point is this: if you want to learn to stay completely safe, so no matter what your opponent does, YOU are in control…

While at the same time, learning how to rain down inescapable punishment on your opponent…

I’m talking about strikes so devastating you will feel that same sort of respect you have for a loaded weapon once you learn them…

Then I want you to imagine what it would feel like, really take a second and imagine squaring off against someone who outweighs you by 10, 20, 30 pounds or more, one of the big scary guys at your gym. 

But this time, you’re not “rolling”. 

This time, you’ve got gloves on, and you know that this guy is going to be doing his very best to not only submit you, but if he can, to knock you out!

Now, most people, when they really put themselves in that situation, feel fear more than anything. 

This fantasy engages that fight or flight response. 

And to some degree, fighting will always engage this reaction no matter how long we train. 

However, there is a level of focus, confidence, and even relaxation available if you have the right training, if you understand how this all works, that most people will never know. 

Click the link below if you would like to have the focus, confidence and relaxation that comes with having the skill to use and defend strikes in Jiu-Jitsu, the way it was meant to be trained. 

Click here for the Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Vale Tudo collection. 

Happy training! 

- Henry

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