Don't Run With Scissors
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What Move Does EVERY White Belt Know, That Almost NO Brown Or Black Belts Use???


I'm not keen on being the "get off my lawn" Jiu Jitsu guy

But some of the things I see make me shake my head
But instead of complaining I'm going to be the solution instead of the problem

The EASE & Efficiency of the Scissor Sweep
and the fact that its SO misunderstood and SO UNDERutilized
is the perfect example of how modern Jiu Jitsu has gone a bit sideways

Let's fix this thing, right here, right now...

Dare I say, the scissor sweep is "just a trip from a weird position"

You can GET your own copy of my entire SWEEP SYSTEM ==> CLICK HERE

 You can GET your own copy of my entire SWEEP SYSTEM ==> CLICK HERE


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