How to master Jiu Jitsu ridiculously fast only have to watch

How to master Hidden Jiu-Jitsu ridiculously fast, and only have to watch each video once.

Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Mastery Mastery Series


How to master Jiu-Jitsu ridiculously fast and… remember everything you ever learn forever, after only watching each video one time.


If you’d like to master the hidden details that give you an unbelievably unfair advantage in Jiu-Jitsu in record time, and make sure you never have to learn the same thing twice (meaning after you watch the video once, the knowledge is yours forever)… then this will be the most important blog you read during this COVID-19 quarantine.


Here’s why: over the last 10 years, there has been an absolute explosion in the science of learning how to learn.


Neuroscientists, psychologists, surgeons, engineers, fighter pilots, musicians, athletes…


So many experts from different arenas have been testing, publishing and modifying techniques for peak performance, that it is now possible to achieve far more than we expected in even less time than we thought, by just making a few simple, structural changes to your learning process.


And… if you follow a system now proven by science, it is possible to never forget anything you learn… IF your system takes into account what Hermann Ebbinghaus calls “The Forgetting Curve”

But before I show you HOW we are going to do this, I want to show you some jaw-dropping examples of what is possible when you have the right tools.


Example 1: Opher Brayer’s piano student, Yaron Hermon, started exploring pattern recognition within simple musical notes and melodies for one minute a day.


One minute of practice at a time.


But as the weeks went by, that one minute turned into 2 minutes, and 2 minutes turned into 3, and before long, Hermon couldn’t help but get lost in the joy of practicing piano for 10 hours at a time.


Within 3 years of his first lesson, Hermon was one of the most famous musicians in the world.


And, if you take this same approach to Jiu-Jitsu with a couple of simple tools for using baby steps to learn, you can…


- Completely avoid being overwhelmed,
- Remember everything you learn, and...
- Even become creative with what you’re doing, in ways you may not have expected.


We’ll go into detail with this in the coming days.


Example 2: David Handell’s insanely successful academic and medical career.


In his own words, retired medical doctor David Handel puts it this way:


“Let me start at the end of the story and then explain how I got to where I am today. I’m a 66-year-old retired physician. I practiced radiology for 30 years and retired from my medical career in 2014. Additionally, I’m a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of and


I graduated high school in 1970, finishing within the 50th percentile of my class. From grades K through 12, I struggled with learning. I was given a lot of after-school tutoring by my teachers during grade school. I was not aware of having any learning disabilities. I had above-average ability and always tested high on standardized exams, but I was never a good student, even though I always wanted to do better.


I attended college for a single year following high school but had no interest in my studies. I dropped out as a C+ student and then took a few interesting life detours before going back to college two years later. When I did return to school, I discovered a few tricks that helped me go from zero to hero in my academics.


I finished approximately three and a half years of coursework in the next two and a half years. Along the way to my bachelor’s degree, I received 11 A+s, while the remainder of my grades were straight As. The A+ grades were in courses in which every one of my test scores was perfect. My performance was so superior to that of everyone else doing A work that the professors took the unusual step of giving me recognition with a grade that was higher than that given to the rest of the A students in the course. This had never been done before at my college.


After I received my degree, I matriculated into medical school, where I scored at the very top of my class on every single exam during my four years. I went on to do a residency in radiology at Duke University and was permitted to skip the clinical internship year. This saved a year of training. I was appointed a chief resident in my final year at Duke.


What changed in my approach to learning after I returned to college? How can I explain how I went from being a lifelong struggling student to an academic star? I have reflected on this a lot over the years.”


Example 3: Barbara Oakley, who failed out of math and science in high school, discovered a system for learning that allowed her to completely change her destiny, and is now a PhD leading the world in the science of learning, after graduating with the following honors:


Ph.D. in Systems Engineering at Oakland University.
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oakland University, 1995.
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, 1986.
Bachelor of Arts in Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Washington, l977.
United States Army Signal Officer Course, Fort Gordon, Georgia, 1977.
Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California, 1974-1975.


The Most Shocking Thing About All These Stories (And Many More Like Them)
Is How Simple It Is To Follow These Systems!


None of these learning systems are particularly difficult or complex.


They are actually such simple, subtle shifts in how you think and practice, it’s fairly mind-boggling the department of education isn’t demanding we implement these in our schools before starting back up again.


And while we are all on lockdown, I want to practice each of them together so I can create as many masters of Jiu-Jitsu as possible!


My goal with Hidden Jiu-Jitsu is much bigger than just sharing what I know.


I want to be the absolute, number one source, worldwide, of creating masters of the art!


I want to deliver more value to my subscribers than people will even believe when they hear about it or see what you’re able to do on the mats.


So… over the next couple weeks, I will be sharing exercises with you that take each of these systems into account, and how we can apply them to Jiu-Jitsu for maximum skill in minimum time.


Then, over the next couple months, we’ll be integrating all of these into your daily practice to get you so good, so fast, we’re going to change how Jiu-Jitsu is taught everywhere.


You in?

If you’d like to join me, please make sure you’re a member of my Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Facebook Group, where we will be sharing our daily and weekly progress, by clicking here:


And stay tuned for the next blog, where we’ll be going into detail with some FREE resources you can use to absolutely demolish your forgetting curve, and why you only need to watch each video one time to learn the details.


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