Street Defense:Grabbed from Behind UnderneathArms Around theWaist Pt.1

Street Defense: Grabbed from Behind Underneath Arms Around the Waist Pt. 1


Ever since attending Rickson's Black Belt only JJGF Self Defense certification seminar. I have been flooded with people asking what he covered.

It was about 100 different Self Defense techniques that Rickson wanted to make sure were not forgotten in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. But the crazy part is with 20 Black Belts there Rickson showed so many concepts, details, and techniques we had never seen!

Here is one he taught us I think is very important for everyone to master. It is a Street Defense that also leads into a submission when someone grabs you from behind around your waist.

A couple details that really help this technique to be successful is the way I step to be able to grab the ankle and also how I make my opponent fall to the ground.  I found if the person is big and strong or if they have weight on their foot it's not possible to grab the ankle and pull it off the ground, instead I take my feet off the ground and sit all my weight into the thigh while just holding the ankle to make my opponent fall.  Once we hit the ground there is a detail I do with the knee bar that prevents my opponent from being able to sit up and come on top or sit up to punch me or free my grip.

Part 2. Solves an issue many people have sometimes when going for this defense is when they put their hands to the ground the opponent's ankle is too far away for them to grab. 

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