The #1 Question I Get Asked Everywhere I Go

The #1 Question I Get Asked Everywhere I Go

"How do I ESCAPE Side Control?"

And here is my answer - Wanna escape side control?  Just tap.  Here's why....

Not what people expect but just listen.

Look we all find ourselves on the bottom of side control sooner or later.

And the truth is most people should just tap and reset.

Now don't go running off and tell everyone on reddit "Henry Akins said you should tap to side control pressure"....

This is how to NEVER get stuck on the bottom of side control again!

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I know that sounds like a HORRIBLE idea but think about MOST people's bottom of side control game?

I'm not talking about the best guys you know, I'm talking about  MOST people.

For MOST people bottom of side control results in 1 of 2 things

1. They're stuck there
2. They give up something (neck, arm, back) to escape (only to find themselves in a different but STILL LOUSY position

Both of these options just WASTE precious training time and energy.

Which I why I say just tap.   You conserve energy and get to better learning situations faster.

BUT...  There is one other option....

Learn how to USE your side control escape to ATTACK your opponent.

Instead of giving up a limb or sacrificing to another bad position





And take CONTROL!

Yep... if your side control escapes aren't resulting in CONTROL and OFFENSE then you should TAP when you get stuck on bottom OR....

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Which instead of leaving you in a lousy position or stuck on bottom you can use side control bottom to ADVANCE your position and ATTACK your opponent.

I'm not saying you'll ever LOVE getting on the bottom of side control but I am saying you'll NEVER EVER have to tap from there and you'll be able to turn the position to YOUR ADVANTAGE when you see what I reveal in my ==> Hidden Jiu Jitsu Crow Bar Side Control Escape System <==

Let me know what you think,


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