The #1 Reason Your Offense Isn't As Dominant As It Should Be... Its NOT What You Think!
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The #1 Reason Your Offense Isn't As Dominant As It Should Be... Its NOT What You Think!

At 5m 43s below I share with you the #1 reason why seasoned and experienced
people in jiu jitsu still struggle to implement a truly dominant offensive game
even with lower belts.  Especially if those lower belts can outperform them
in size, strength, speed or smarts.

Please watch the entire video because I think the entire thing
is important if you really want to master what's meaningful in jiu jitsu
but if all you have is 30sec then go straight to 5m43s.

This approach is not an "instant", "overnight" nor "quick fix" but I can promise you
with 100% certainty if you spend MORE time doing THIS one thing
it will alter your jiu jitsu for the rest of your life.

If you really want to go deep with this idea
& increase your offensive output by 5-10x in fairly short order
go ==> HERE & HERE

I promise you without hesitation
this is something you will NOT regret
& you (and your training partners) will come to see
its actually the best investment you could possibly
make in yourself and your jiu jitsu

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