The Most Important 45 Seconds Inside Closed Guard
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The Most Important 45 Seconds Inside Closed Guard

If all you did was look at ONE of these time stamps
your next time in closed guard will go markedly better.

6m 50s - 7m 02s (The 12 most important seconds about posture in this position)
7m 35s - 8m 01s (The 26 most important seconds about your hips in this position)

9m 03 - 9m 10s (The 7 most important seconds on the ONLY thing your hand should be doing right now)

If you watch this 45 seconds worth of time stamps
and think to yourself "hmmm I didn't know this" or
"hmmm I've heard him say this before but I forgot"

You want to right to ==> <==
and make being in the closed guard ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE for every training partner and
opponent who puts you there.

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