Training Is In The Mind:How to get better without training partners

The Training Is In The Mind: How to get better without better training partners.


How did Rickson Gracie continue to develop his skill to ridiculous new heights, year after year, after he had already been the best in the world for 20 years?


How do you make massive leaps and bounds in your own skill level when you're better than all of your training partners?


How do you improve significantly when your only training partners are white or blue belts?


This video reveals one of the most profound secrets Rickson ever told me.


You can use this secret to improve your game tremendously, no matter who your training partners are.


In fact, I once asked him who he believed would win... 40 year old Rickson, or Rickson in his 20s?


He said, hands down, 40 year old Rickson would destroy his more athletic younger self.


And I saw him run through the best of the best so many times, I have to believe it's so. 


With all that in mind, how would you like to discover how to apply this sort of thinking to your training within a structure, so that you begin to build fundamentals that make black belts feel like white belts?



If that sounds like a bold claim, I agree. But they're not my words! I'm actually quoting my seminar attendees who saw just a fraction of the material in my advanced fundamentals course, and were nice enough to record some videos talking about how impressed they were. 


Click here to check them out, and discover what all the chatter is about for my Advanced Fundamentals course, White Belt to Blue Belt (which is actually a little misleading of a name, because most of my positive feedback from this course has come from black belts!). 


Watch Time: 11:59

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