Update: Mount Maintenance Techniques

Update: Mount Maintenance Techniques

Just like I promised, we just added MORE videos to the mount maintenance course so if you haven’t seen them yet, check them out.

In this video I give some details on how to better get your leg under your opponents.
First step is getting your leg to the ground, then once you get your leg to the ground I turn my toes toes towards the ground so when I lift my knee my leg kind of scrapes along the ground underneath my opponents toes and foot. The other helpful detail to getting under is doing a slight side crunch and using your elbow to help push their leg down closer towards your knee.

CLICK HERE - Details to the Elbow Escape

This is a great drill to practice often to keep you sharp on how to maintain your mount against an opponent trying to push you off.  Pushing is commonly taught as bad thing to do when you get mounted and so students after their first few months of training stop relying on this as an escape.

Because of that people stop expecting it and start to lose the timing and sensitivity of how to defend against a push which is normally how a untrained and unskilled opponent will try to react.

Its a great drill and the person on the bottom will get a great workout, keep the drill short so the person on bottom can go 100%, because that’s what we need to learn to deal with on the street, the explosiveness and unpredictability.

CLICK HERE - Drill: Mount Against Person Trying to Push

This is a very simple tool I use to prevent the elbow escape, its simply putting my arm in front of their face and blocking their head.

If you can prevent them from crunching up and looking at your knee then you can kill their escape and so with this move every time they start to face to one side, I just block the face.  They will quickly become very frustrated with that escape.

CLICK HERE - Blocking the Head

This is a very simple way to counter the escape when your opponent tries to throw his legs over and in front of your body to get out. All you need to do is swim your arm through the hole by the knees.

CLICK HERE - Defense for Throwing the Legs Over Escape
Please comment on what’s working. I love hearing success stories, it’s what really inspires and motivates me to know I’m giving back to the jiu-jitsu community and helping others!
And, please let us know what’s not working or what you’re having problems with.
I really want this to be a community where we all help each other. I’ll also be answering questions in the comments section below each video and possibly even do some videos to help answer specific questions.
The more specific you can be the more it will allow me to answer and help you and the more it will help others watching the videos so try to be as detailed as you can in the comments.
I can’t wait to hear about your experience using the techniques and concepts with us and your fellow Hidden Jiu-Jitsu members.


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