Henry Akins Gordon Ryan Break Down. Mount Maintenance

What Does Gordon Ryan Have In Common With A Dead Beached Whale?

Back in 2016ish
I first started talking about the two things
anyone could do regardless of size to dramatically
increase their guard passing and mount control success...

B. Make yourself heavy as a dead whale

And while yes I will continue to give you
"He's Gordon F*******g Ryan and you're not."

There's no getting away from the fact that
While Gordon is controlling his opponents from the mount
he is


He's created the ultimate economy...
He's simultaneously completely controlling the position,
bleeding the energy out of his opponent
and mentally breaking his opponent.

By the time he goes to move from
mount to attack, he's fully charged,
his opponent is gassed AND
his opponent WELCOMES the attack.
Because its such a RELIEF from the smothering mount 
Ryan has applied.

At the end of the day his mount control is picture perfect 

and everything I've been teaching
in Hidden Jiu Jitsu from day 1.

His mount control mirrors his guard passing...
And much like my last blog post on his passing
this one on his mount control features some of the same
important and impressive skill applications...

Often times when you look at the elite level competitors
you see the exceptions to the rule.  Their superior work ethic,
athleticism, genetics, flexibility, size, strength, insert whatever attribute you 
are short on here ;-)

But when you look at Gordon's mount control it is simply a master class
in how to control, exhaust & break an opponent as efficiently and effectively as possible...
REGARDLESS of your attributes
-Weight Distribution
-Collapsing Frames
-Taking Up Space
-Smother Your Opponent

Its. All. There.

Let's take a closer look in my new Gordon Ryan Mount Control Breakdown Video Below...

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