Gordon Ryan Guard Passing

The REAL Reason Gordon Ryan Passes Guard Better Than You...

Yeah yeah I get it.
Gordon's guard passing is better than yours because well...

He's Gordon F*******g Ryan and you're not.
I'll give you that

At the end of the day his guard passing is picture perfect 

and everything I've been teaching
in Hidden Jiu Jitsu from day 1.

Often times when you look at the elite level competitors
you see the exceptions to the rule.  Their superior work ethic,
athleticism, genetics, flexibility, size, strength, insert whatever attribute you 
are short on here ;-)

But when you look at Gordon's guard passing it is simply a master class
in how to pass guard as efficiently and effectively as possible...
REGARDLESS of your attributes
-Weight Distribution
-Collapsing Frames
-Taking Up Space
-Smother Your Opponent

Its. All. There.

Let's take a closer look...

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