So many people make this mistake! Sonnen Vs. Fedor

So many people make this mistake, and it cost Chael Sonnen the fight with Fedor. 

Read on to find out how to NEVER make this mistake yourself, and what to do instead: As many of you guys already know there's a lot of techniques taught in Jiu-Jitsu that are just not practical for fighting because they either leave you exposed to strikes or are so risky that if you mess up or if your opponent counters, it could literally cost you your life.  Unfortunately at Bellator 208 this past weekend Chael Sonnen had to learn that the hard way against one of the most dangerous and devastating fighters of all time Fedor Emelianenko.

The technique is commonly taught when you have someone's back and you secure a seatbelt grip. In order to help get your hooks you then do a forward dive roll over their shoulder and hopefully, if they decide to cooperate, they roll with you and allow you to get your hooks. Unfortunately most the times in a fight your opponent will not be trying to cooperate with you and this leaves you flat on your back with your head right underneath your opponents arms.

This is a technique I always tell my students to NEVER do because if you mess up you're going to be in BIG trouble. In this video I show the technique and what it looks like when your opponent cooperates and then how simple and easy it is to counter by just relaxing and shifting your weight back towards your butt.

You can watch Chael Sonnen make the mistake of attempting this technique in Bellator 208, and the horrible price he paid, taking 10 vicious punches to the head and eventually cost him the fight, at the video below.

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