Standing RNC Escape with the Hook In-Holly Holm Should Have Done This

Standing RNC Escape with the Hook In - Holly Holm Should Have Done This


I shared an escape for a standing rear naked choke about a month ago, it's an escape I feel works better then what is sometimes traditionally taught which is the hip throw.

The reason I was looking for a new solution was because I've tried to hip throw once someone has the RNC on my neck and were squeezing extremely tight and with all their body weight going over and their arms squeezing to my neck because my partner didn't let go, it ended up pulling really hard on my neck and I ended up almost seriously getting injured.

My neck was sore for about 2 weeks and I still had to tap.

I used the ideas of how to escape a RNC on the ground and applied it to the stand up position, turning to face your opponent depending on which arm is around the neck.

This past Saturday night we saw Meisha Tate submit Holly Holm because of a failed hip toss to escape and I decided to share my video because I had experienced the exact same thing although when I did it, it was without the one hook being in.

I had so many negative comments on how the technique wouldn't work now because of the hook that I decided to film a new video.

I'm sure most the people commenting negatively didn't even give the escape a try or try to figure out how they could still get it to work so I did the work for them and it took me about 2 seconds to figure out how to make the adjustment.

The important lesson here is practice and develop your understanding of Jiu-Jitsu, don't just learn to replicate or copy technique, try to understand 'WHY" something works.

By understanding WHY, you will be able to learn for yourself without a teacher or someone having to constantly fix your mistakes.  This is one thing that really helped me to progress in jiu-jitsu and develop the understanding for the art that I have.

Anyways enjoy the new video!

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